4.8 5 0 52 52 The Henckels 'Definition' knives are created from high quality stainless steel, and perfectly honed for long-lasting sharpness and durability. Featuring an ergonomic three-rivet handle, these knives are comfortable to hold and easy to control. Lighter than forged knives, one-piece precision stamped blades are an economical alternative for those looking for value without sacrificing on performance.
Henckels ‘Definition’ 8” Chef Knife
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excellent couteau, bon équilibre, tien bien en main, facile a manier , répond a nos attentes et la lame est performante!!!
Best knives
Many butchers and Chefs that I know will use nothing else. So i tried them and they hold an excellent edge
I got this as a gift a while ago and just started using it in June. It fits very nice in your hand and cuts super well. It sliced right through squash without an issue. Great product!
Verry nice cut verry good and the shape perfect for the hand.
great quality knife
if you are looking for a great chefs knife, this is a must for any kitchen. affordable for this quality and trusted brand. I have had this for over 2 years and don't see any reason to replace it. just need to get it sharpened 1 x per year.
Most trusted brand
This knife is the best.. easy to use and it cuts like sword!
Kitchen staple
Always a joy to use! Great weight and sharp, multipurpose. Wonderfully engineered knife.
Love my henckels!
best knives I have ever owned! Worth every single penny! I definitely recommend anyone that enjoys cooking to invest in the best of the best! No rusting, sharp and the handles are sturdy.
my husband love using this knife he like to use it with the meat. It’s so light compare to other knife.
The knife is sharp and really good to use recommend to people!
Top Quality
One of the sharpest knives I've ever used. Cuts smoothly with ease. Great handle design and sleek looking.
Great knife
This knife is great. Doesn’t lose its sharpness easy and works for cutting all types of things! I like that it doesn’t rust or dull!
Great Knife
perfect for the kitchen, exactly what I was interested in.
Best knife I have ever owned.Cuts like no other and is so sharp.
Balancing act
I have purchased many different knives throughout my cooking career and also for home use. I love the weight and the balance of the knife and how it feels in my hand.

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