4.1 5 0 69 69 Refresh & condition hair with Herbal Essences bio:renew Blue Ginger Conditioner. Gently nourishing every strand, this colour-safe, pH-balanced formula hydrates to reveal hair’s natural radiance.
Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Blue Ginger Conditioner
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The only thing this really has going for it is the price
Herbal Essences is pretty affordable, which is nice, but that is really the only nice thing about the product. I did not like the smell, unfortunately, and I didn't notice any nourishing or positive benefits for my hair. I wasn't a fan.
Nice product
Good conditioner. Nice size for the price. Makes my hair feel smooth and moisturized. Reduces frizz and detangles hair well. Love the scent and the look of the product. I would recommend and buy again.
j'adore l'odeur de ce revitalisant,il laisse les cheveux très doux avec un parfum qui dure longtemps
Love it
I love this conditioner. It smells amazing and leaves your hair feeling very soft and silky with no frizz.
Pas mal effet cheveux bien propre
Ce shampoing est pas mal car donne les cheveux très doux et effet cheveux très propre et sain
My hair was left feeling lightweight and clean. Blew freely in the wind.
Herbal Essences
I would reccomend this conditioner as it is affordable and has organic ingredients if that's your thing, I also love the fragrance and how it makes my hair smell good and soft.
What a pleasant surprise!
Conditioners have always been a priority for me. My hair is on the coarser side and colour treated so conditioner MATTERS to me. It has so many appealing features; silicone free, made with natural antioxidants like aloe and sea kelp, paraben free, gluten free, color-safe and PH balanced. I am environmentally conscious, it's super important to me that this product is made in a “zero waste to landfill” manufacturing site. I love the scent. The ginger blossom is so light and pleasant, with just a touch of a musk but it’s not overpowering, very light. My hair is long and thick and it’s coarse & gets weighed down easily. I was hoping to get the volume promised. I used the conditioner after my shampoo and my hair was tangle-free, and when I rinsed it was still nice and soft but didn’t feel weighed down. I didn’t find that I needed much to get an effect which was an added bonus. My hair was soft and manageable. It's super affordable and easily stands up to luxury brands.
I used this alongside Herbal Essences Micellar Water & Blue Ginger Shampoo and for me, the duo was a huge hit! It left my recently bleached and dyed hair extremely soft and smooth. I haven't used Herbal Essences in a long time (for no particular reason I just always seem to have shampoo around the house!) and was interested to see if it was as great smelling as I remember. I'm not a massive Ginger fan, so I was curious to see if this was bearable. Well, truth is it didn't smell as nice as the matching Shampoo, a little more like a salon conditioner than the delightfully smelling shampoo, but it was still ok. In terms of leaving my hair soft, I'm super happy with it!
I’m currently using this stuff. To be honest it’s very expensive. I understand it’s not full of additives and the bottle is biodegradable but wow it’s over $7 a bottle!! It’s smells lovely and does the job but with out a coupon I won’t be buying this again.
Love that it has organic ingredients. Love the fragrance. Makes my hair soft.
This smells amazing. It always leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth.
The scent is amazing and long lasting. The texture is amazing and easy to apply and it doesn't irritate the hair. It does make the hair healthy specially when it is dry.
I like the smell of this one.I tried once and wants to buy more
This is a really great smelling shampoo! It’s excellent at leaving my hair moisturized and clean. I would definitely recommend thisz

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