4.5 5 0 104 104 Milk Chocolate Bars with Shortbread Cookie Bits and Caramel.
Hershey's COOKIE+ Caramel
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Great texture, bit sweet
I loved the texture of this cookie. It had many layers and different types of textures. It is a bit on the sweet side but it goes really well with a cup of tea or coffee. Would recommend this as a small snack to satisfy your cravings.
loved these
when we bought these, we couldnt put the bag down. you know how they say with chips, betcha cant have just one, thats how these are, if you like chocolate.
I liked them, it's chocolate, what's there not to like. Good quality chocolate. Bag was big enough. I would get it again.
Not bad
These were pretty tasty but lacked a bit of quality - well within my usual expectations for Hershey's products. As long as you’re not expecting a top of the line product, you’ll like these.
So gooood
This cookie bar is delicious!! Sweet and crunchy. Satisfies that crunch and melting sweet taste too. It is absolutely delicious. It should come in a large bar aswell, not just little ones. I highly recommend this product.
Superstore was sampling these so I tried them and I was hooked I had to have them, Perfect little snack, they don't make you feel guilty eating a chocolate bar because it is more like a cookie.
Fabulous chocolate snack
I recently tried Hershey's COOKIE+ Caramel. Both my mom and I loved this product. It combines milk chocolate bars with shortbread cookie bits and caramel. I like the fact that the bars are individually wrapped; it is great for portion control.
I received a free sample of these and thought it was amazing! So yummy and so addictive. It was the perfect combination of caramel, chocolate and cookie.
so good
these little things are just so good, if you love chocolate and carmel these are it they are crunchy and sweet and perfect.
a treat
These taste great. the flavouring isn't overpowering, it wasn't too sweet and there was a nice crunch. Downside: they are addicting, there isn't much in the package (the quantity/price ratio is off) and it is individually wrapped. They are yummy.
Too much cookie - not enough caramel
I'm a caramel addict and wanted better quality & more caramel ratio to the cookie.
Hershey's Cookie + Caramel is amazing! I love the taste of the caramel mixed with the chocolate covered cookies. The only problem is you don't want to stop eating them. Yummy!
I actually received a free sample of these, amazing taste! Yes, they were so good, I have purchased these a couple of times. Kids will definitely love these cookies!
These are INSANELY addictive! They are more of a chocolate bar than cookie, in my opinion. Very tasty and unique with the shortbread in there. VERY good!
These are nice and tasty. I would buy these again. These are a nice treat.

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