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These are actually yummy! Nice crunch and just the right amount of salt. A little on the expensive side but worth it!
Yes I have tried this and both me and my daughters like these. I looked at the ingredients and I like that they are a healthy snack alternative
I have tried this product, it is a very good alternative to potato chips
I love these little snacks, perfect balance of sweet and salty, and love the hint of cinnamon!!
They are very good and low in calories which makes a nice snack crispy and a hint of cinnamon I will buy them again.
I was disappointed when I tried these. Strange texture made it hard for me to enjoy.
I've tried it and would try it again. However, I'm not sure I'd actually go out and buy it. It's almost a little too light and crunchy for me but I shared it with a friend and she really liked it. I think this one's going to come down to personal preference ... You'll either like it or you won't
Perfect crunch and super savory good! Much more satisfying than regular potato chips.
These are so delicious. Crispy and crunchy and sweet with a hint of cinnamon, they satisfy that sweet/salty craving perfectly!
These snacks are strangely addictive. They have a sweet, lighter than air taste, with a melt in your mouth crunch. Healthier than your average bagged munchie...what's not to love?! They also come in a variety of savory flavors like multigrain cheddar,sea salt quinoa, and veggie tortilla.
What I really appreciate is that these don't have any added sugar (cane juice etc) added to them, when so many other chips/snacks do!
I would love to get a sample of this product, as my family is into regular potato substitutes, that both healthy and nutritious.
I love sweet potato so I would like to try these sweet potato sticks.
always searching for my kid's school snack option and this would be perfect.would love to sample this
Sound yummy, not here in Canada yet, but would like to try them.

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