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Home Tester Club Tips: Cooking at Home
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Has Become a Chef!!
My husband has been retired for a couple of years, since COVID he has become our home Chef. My daughter and I are both at work and it is beautiful to have dinner ready when we get home! He has recently started to adjust and make his on own BBQ sauces!! Delicious! Love him & our new dinners!
Yummy Bbq
Lots of BBQ - steak, lamb chops, chicken souvlaki skewers. And some yummy Tiramisu!
Becel Plant Based Butter
I was given the chance to try the new Becel Plant-Based Brick Butter. I made a traditional Banana Bread with Walnuts and Pecans inside and on top. Believe it or not, it turned out really good! My home smelled inviting and it satisfied that comforting craving. - The texture of the "Plant-Based" butter was more like butter than margarine and so was the taste. It cooked my Banana Bread just like butter does however, Hubby and I could definitely notice a difference in taste. - When you skimp out on animal proteins and fats, you are giving up on the quality of taste. - I doubt that I’ll ever buy this but I will recommend it to my #Vegan and #Vegetarian friends. The price is very reasonable, too.
J'ai fais toute sorte de recette du pain des recettes que ma grand-mère faisait et ce que j'aime le plus ces cuisiner avec mon garçon.
cooking time
Since being home much more I've had time to look for some new recipes to try. I've made a few & some were keepers & a couple were ones that we decided we'd never need to eat/make again. Doing another new recipe tonight!
Trying New Things
My sons are picky eaters, very stuck in their routine of eating certain foods/recipes on an ongoing basis. I was getting tired of the same things all the time. I suggested we try some new things, since I'm at home most of the time now. I looked up several recipes and let them each pick 2 new ones per week, or have them come up with their own. For the most part, it's been a huge success! We now have new things to enjoy, which makes me very happy! We're also trying out some new baking recipes. It brings us closer together, too. I love it!
Recipe to try poached chicken
Make a sauce from a good spaghetti sauce adding dried basil and oregano. Add diced garlic if you have any or else add powdered garlic and onion. Diced onion better. Plus pepper. Add diced raw chicken. I like breast meat but you can use any piece you have. No skin. Cook until cooked through. Poached in sauce. Very tasty. Serve on noodles. Sauce is yummy. Leftover sauce on noodles with cheese can make additional meal if you don't have meatballs.
Try a new recipe everyday
While at home I try to find a new recipe to make every day, I do savoury 2 days followed by sweet the next. My daughter always has fun picking out the recipes to try. We have tried lots of different bread recipes!
Try new recipes for different appliances
I am using this time to try new recipes. I have a few small appliances that I do not use much but I would like too. I would like to find new recipes for my instant pot & ice cream maker. Everyone at home appreciates my new recipes.
Trying new recipes
I am using this time to try out new recipes for my family. As we are all at home now I love to make meals that we all can eat. I love to make healthy and wholesome meals. I am trying out a lot of recipes with the slow cooker. Easy to use and at the end of the day you have a nice meal. I especially liked a new recipe for lasagna in the slow cooker. Never made lasagna in the slow cooker before but it was so good!
Try something new!
This is the perfect time to try new recipes! My family and I take turns cooking dinner and always look for new ways to spice up our meals. Looking online is a great way to get ideas, such as bean patties. They look like hamburgers and are incredibly filling but are a great alternative for those who prefer to go meatless!
Stress Reliever!
The best way to get your mind off the scary news is to try cooking or baking something new! I've been using this time to try out new recipes I've wanted to make for a while now. Some of my faves are from the Tasty Facebook page/YouTube channel. If you live with your family, it's also a great time to catch up & have quality time together!

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