Homgeek Upgrade Water Flosser

4.5 5 0 58 58 The Homgeek professional water flosser waterpick easy to use includes a Water On/Off switch on the handle with a new compact and contemporary design. Clinically proven remove up to 99.99% plaque. The Homgeek Professional dental water flosser cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline where traditional brushing and flossing can't reach for better oral hygiene.Up to 50% more effective for improving gum health vs. string floss. Oral irrigator easily dislodges anything stuck between your teeth in a matter of seconds, so that dental water flosser can provide excellent water
Homgeek Upgrade Water Flosser


Dentist clean
Our family each have one to help with our fussy flossing problems. This helps ensure the kids are getting back in places they find harder to reach with flossing. They also find it fun to use.
Cet hydropulseur est indispensable dans ma routine d’hygiène dentaire il me permet d'améliorer la circulation sanguine dans mes gencives. d’éliminer plaque dentaire et bactéries,avec les nombreux embouts il me permet un excellent nettoyage des implants et couronnes .Pour une haleine fraîche et une bouche en santé
Water pick
This product works great! Very useful for someone with braces to clean in between. It comes with multiple picks to fit your needs. I say it was a good purchase! 👍
Water Pick
very good parasite and cleaned my braces and teeth really well. My teeth were left sparkling. Very easy to use and great for kids as well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!
Works as it should
Everything works as it should as stated, gets in every hard spot a tooth bush can’t get to it your regular floss can’t get, this does the trick, my only complaint is how it tends to get messy but what doesn’t these days lol.
Happy with product
Great product! Gets to difficult spots. Washes out all the stuff stuck between your teeth. Only complaint is that it can get a bit messy. Overall happy with product.
The product works, It can get a little messy
This water flosser works, and it will get the job done. It's probably not the best available, but if you have braces or want to save time flossing, it may be a good investment. It is an investment, as they can be pricy, but it is a good quality product and I would recommend it.
Absolutely love this water pick, my teeth feel so clean when i use it
j'adore se produit
se produit est super j'en possaide un a la maison et je preffere de loin utileser se produit que la soi dentaire on se sent tellement raffrechit apres utilisation
Highly recommend
I absolutely love this product! In the past I’ve had hard to floss areas, never again with this water flosser.
Almost Like Getting a Cleaning at the Dentist!
This has definitely reduced staining on my teeth. I love how it has many different heads and it's very easy to use. I give it five stars for sure! I have recommended this to a few friends already!!!
great clean!
im trying to prevent cavities to dely any dental bills. i Love this because it cause get back in the deep corners that may not get cleaned well regularly, you can give yourself like a dental cleaning at home and gums feel sooo healthy after
Performs as expected
I do love all the attachments and it is so much nicer to use than regular dental floss. If you haven't tried a water flosser before, I recommend this model as it isn't overly noisy and you have every attachment you could ever need.
Really cleans
I used it at a friends house. Cleans really good not hard to use
Must have oral hygiene tool
Love my water flosser. Noticeable improvement in oral hygeine since incorporating it into my routine. I sometimes mix in some mouthwash with the water to get an extra deep clean. Feels great everytime!

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