3.5 5 0 17 17 Little Movers Slip-On* Diapers make it easy to change active, squirmy babies of all kinds – just catch, slip-on, and release! Plus, HUGGIES® Little Movers Slip-On Diapers feature the proven leakage protection of the HUGGIES® LEAK LOCK® System.
Huggies Little Movers Slip-on Diapers
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overall good
its good for active babies .my son is actually size 5 but it was small for him and size 6 is a little big .but still works great .never leaked
Tight fitting design
I found these diapers to be tight for toddlers with bigger thighs. Also, the velcro would always break away while my daughter was wearing them and leave irritant pink marks on her thighs.
A better product that previously thought. We have used Pampers brand easy-ups, and these were superior. More of a snug fit on the legs, and that is a godsend...keeping the leaks (the bad leaks) contained. The "not so bad" leaks were minimized as well. The #2's containment was certainly a great thing. A bit of #1 is natural (like rain in the spring)...awesome product. Thank You for the innovation!
love huggies products, used for both my kids
slips on`s worked great for my son who was constantly on the go and never liked to sit still for a diaper change. worked similar to a pull up
I tried this with both my grandchldren , one boy one girl. They fit fine and work well enough but I am not a fan of slip ons and for training they are too hard for my grandson to pull down himself.
These were ok. They fit my son well and didnt leak. I personally didnt care for the easy up style and have decided to stick with my regular diapers. They were however nice and soft.
unfortunately Huggies diapers gave my son a blistering rash. the slip on diapers make a lot of sense though for crazy toddlers.
When my nieces and nephew were younger and stayed at our house, we got these for them. They are easy to put on/take off and did the job. They also liked the pictures/designs on them.
In my opinion, Huggies makes the best diaper. These are great pull-ons
I think these are great for toddlers who are not quite at potty training age. but are very much on the move. I like that the sides come undone, easier for cleanup.
Great slip-on diapers. I loved these and my daughter liked the pictures and "stepping into" them. Only a shame that there are less in the pack than usual diapers and they are more expensive.
huggies is nice brand,always loves this brand for my daughter,never get any problems with it
at first i wasn`t crazy about the slip ons but currently buy them for our potty training daughter as they are cheaper then pull ups! absorb well and she doesn`t leak. but we do use different diapers for overnight because they tend to leak for the 12 hour period she sleeps.
My little guy is very slender and I don`t find that the Huggies brand fits him. We tried the Slip-on diapers when he was in an especially wiggly stage. My older son wears Huggies and they fit well and absorb very well!

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