4.3 5 0 63 63 Get gentle care with the proven leakage protection of the HUGGIES® Leak Lock® System. Outstanding care for your newborn's soft, delicate skin Our new GentleAbsorb* Liner draws more mess away than Pampers® Swaddlers® with a cushiony layer of protection Wetness indicator helps you keep track of wet diapers by changing color when wet An umbilical cord cut-out, perfectly shaped to gently protect your little one's belly button as it heals Pocketed-back waistband to help keep in the runny mess New soft graphics with Winnie the Pooh and friends The Huggies® Leak Lock® protection you trust
Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers
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These have been my go to diapers for my daughter. She is slim but tall and they fit well with great absorbency. Recently we have moved away from these in favour of more plant based diapers based on rashes she has been getting that trial testing has attributed to the diapers. Overall these are still the diapers I will go back to if we cannot find another diaper to resolve the rash - though the diapers that are seemingly successful for now with the rash issue are the huggies special delivery diapers.
The best!
This is our go-to diaper. After trial of a few types that we were given as samples or gifts, Huggies Little Snugglers came out far superior. Soft, good back pocket and elastic waist band and rarely has blowouts.
Best diapers so far
I use these diapers for my 4 months old baby and by far they are the best diapers I have ever used. They never leak, absorbency is excellent and they are soft on my baby's skin. Moreover the elastic on the back binds everything in place and prevents leaking.
my go to diapers
if I had to pick a brand and line of diapers these ones from Huggies would be it! My newborn was normal/averaged sized; she did not have chunky legs and these fit perfect. I found a lot of other diaper brands tended to be a little to larger for her and would have fit babies with chubbier thighs. As well, these diapers are super absorbent, so as to minimize accidents!
Love huggies
No leaks, super soft and don't have a strong chemical smell
Umbilical cut out is great added touch for a new little one
Good for newborns
We used these for our newborn and they had a good secure hold and only a few leaks. We did notice the absorbency beads leak easily though. Good tabs compared to Pampers.
Best diapers!
So I'm a first time mom so I had no idea what kind of diapers would be best for my little one. Huggies was the second brand I tried and it honestly changed the game. It upheld all of her blowouts, it felt more natural too. Which is a huge plus.
One of the best
One of the Best pampers I have used, love the freshness and the fact that it stays dry the whole night and the baby sleeps sound and peaceful. Love it
got this as a gift. It was ok but not really that good especially at night.
I loved these diapers, especially when my child was very young. They have worked great as he has gotten older too.
These diapers are great for wiggly little ones who are on the move - they have two points of attachment on each side to keep tabs in place and closed (which I've never seen before and LOVE), they're double gussetted, super soft, and have cute designs. In terms of absorbancy, they more than held up during our long roadtrip this past weekend and were super comfy for the long drive.
I love them! No leaks. And they're nice and soft as well.
LOVE THIS HUGGIES por qué son muy suaves y muy buenos para en la noche
I love the band at the back of Huggies diapers - I find it prevents the poop from spilling all up my baby's back saving me time and hassle from cleaning up messes!

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