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Great wipes for sensitive skin
My son has incredibly sensitive skin, these are the only wipes that don’t make his bottom red and sore. They could be a bit stronger, I find pampers sensitive wipes don’t rip as easily. But overall amazing wipes
Great wipes!
We are currently using these wipes and really enjoy them. These are quite "juicy" and so we don't need to use more than a couple for each diaper change. My little one's skin is pretty sensitive and so far we haven't had any rashes or outbreaks with these wipes.
Still buying them
These have become a staple in my home long after the baby stage. They're great for makeup removal, and all purpose wipes especially if you have sensitivity concerns.
Love Huggies
I love how gentle these wipes are. Also love fragrance free.
Horrible Quality Wipes
Every time I purchase any Huggies Wipes, they are either dried out or rips apart easily. I have tried numerous times and the outcome is the same every time. I also find that their wipes are more rough than it's competition and every other pull gets stuck or rips.
So soft
I really like Huggies Wipes, they are soft and very gentle to my baby’s skin. Huggies wipes are one of my favorite brands.
Love this product. They are so moist and soft not just for babies tush I even use them myself. I keep some in my purse for hands or spills. would recommend this.
Favourite wipe
These made my favourite wipes! They are thick enough that even for a dirty tushy, you don't need that many. They are soft and gentle.
Recently bought these wipes for my grand daughter, she is very sensitive to scent and too much soap, they were perfect, did not give her a diaper rash and very lightly scented I would recommend.
Our go-to for baby wipes
These Huggies wipes are our favourite when we don't use our cloth ones. Compared to Kirkland, Pampers, President's Choice and Aleva Naturals, these ones are thicker and slightly textured, and do better for bigger messes - we seem to go through fewer compared to other lighter brands. For the price it's great value as well. Our child has sensitive skin and these don't seem to cause any irritation.
We are not too picky with the wipes we buy - have tried Huggies, Pampers, Kirkland, etc. But they are the easiest, and most gentle on my sons easily irritated skin. Prefer this brand to the rest!
In comparison to Pampers wipes these just don't do the job as good. Also seem to leave more of a reaction to the baby's bottom.
Clean on the run
Not just for babies and kids. A staple in my backpack. You never know when you need to wipe your hands or fall and wipe a knee. Portable, natural and very handy for all ages.
This is my favourite wipe!
I recently tried these wipes for my baby and I love them! They are thick wipes so they don’t fall apart and don’t slip on baby’s skin. They also don’t dry out and have the perfect amount of moisture. Also it is not heavily scented like other brands which is great.
Love these wipes!!
These wipes are wonderful!! You can tell they are fragrance-free (especially when comparing to Pampers brand wipes) and they don't cause any irritation whatsoever. I feel confident using these on my baby's skin and even use them myself once in a while!

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