Irish Spring Body Wash

4.2 5 0 45 45 Deep action scrub
Irish Spring Body Wash


this will always have a great smell no matter how many years pass by!!! so fresh.
Irish Spring refreshing body soap
Irish Spring sweet smelling soap,I love this product,it's leaves my body very refresh after shower,it's has a very nice and amazing fragrance,it is a nice, good quality and effective product which I will recommend to friends.
Great Body Wash!!
This stuff is great! I love all the different variations! (The lava minerals, the tingling revitalizing beads, and even the classic original). Always gets the job done, no irritation or excess dryness, and smells INCREDIBLE!! The Reg. Price isn’t too bad at all, and often, these products will go on sale for $2-$3 dollars cheaper at least once a month at one or more of the popular grocery stores.
Almost..but not quite.
This product smells great day to day and is reasonably priced at the local store. The only problem I have experienced is after hockey games, it just doesn't quite get all the "not so fresh" smells off, leaving a very unimpressed wife.
Smells a little off
I love the Original Irish Spring Body Wash and bought this one to try something new. Wished I didn't because I didn't like the smell. I was able to finish the bottle but I don't think I'll be purchasing again, instead sticking to the 'Original' formula.
Very strongly scented but I love the smell on my husband and 4 sons. I buy this product fairly regularly. It washes them well and leaves them feeling clean and refreshed.
I would love to try this product I've tried the bar soap one before the scent was so nice and refreshing
My husband uses this before and I don`t like the scent at all. It`s on the strong side.
I would love to try this I love the smell of irish spring products.
boyfriend has not tried the exfoliating one but liked irish spring products for the great smell and good clean
plz send me a free sample of this wonderful product.
Haven`t had the chance to test this one. If I do will comment further.
recently bought this for my partner, good lather and great scent!
I love the smell of this product and the clean feeling it leaves on your skin not dry and tight like other products
Love Irish Spring, it smells really great and exfoliates too.

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