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J Cloth
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Very durable, love that they are biodegradable! No more stinky dishcloths!
my husband love this for the hard pot and pans that we can put in the dishwasher
I grew up using the J Cloth and I love using them. It`s easy and quick when you have to clean up a spill or wipe a counter. I always keep a few handy.
J Cloths are fantastic a thinner dish cloth that fits into the bottom of drinking glasses with ease.
J Cloths have been around since I was a kid (40 years). They never fail!!
My granny used J Cloth, my mom used J cloth and I use J cloth. Its the best
We use J clothes as a regular dishcloth when they start to smell sour just toss them out. Very durable and stand up to a lot of scrubbing!
Love that when they get gross I can just toss them. I use these more frequently than reusuable ones because I don`t like washing them. It`s the convenience that sells the product to me :)
I always grab a J cloth before a dishtowel. They are strong and can be used over and over. I give them a soak in some bleach every now and them and they are good to go! And if they get too messy I don`t feel bad ruining them and tossing. My go-to cloth for any mess.
I love the fact that you can reuse these. Paper towels go so quickly so I love having these around
I don`t like these as much as the original. They seem to ball up and wear out much quicker.
I use these all the time. I prefer these to washable clothes.
i like these for the dirty jobs when we do not want to wash and reuse a reusable cloth, can just drop it in the garbage when done. they work really well and are nice and durable.
I have always loved J Cloth. I use them instead of dishcloth for many years now. They are strong and last long. I put them in a bit of bleach and soak them so I can use them over and over. Great product for sure.
Have always had j cloths in the house. Good to use for dish washing.

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