4.5 5 0 91 91 J CLOTH Everyday cleaning cloths are versatile – strong enough for scrubbing, absorbent enough for spills and soft enough for cleaning glass and other shiny surfaces.
J Cloth
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I always have these in my kitchen. They are so durable and clean up any mess without having to waste paper towels.
A must have
This is a very versatile product that I have personally used for over 20 years. I love having them around the house. A Must have in everyone’s home.
Everyday Cleaning For House
I recommend these to everyone. I really like this product because it cleans super well, it is re-usable, strong durable quality cloth and is perfect for when you really need to do a deep scrub.
Useful cleaning clothes
These clothes are perfect for household cleaning. I like that they are reusable and can be used for various purposes. I wish there were more in the package. I definitely recommend them.
Love them
J clothes are excellent they are strong, can stand up to a lot of scrubbing, can use for several days as long as the cloth us washed and rinsed. I highly recommend this product.
Très bon produit
C'est un produit que j'utilise depuis plus de 30 ans et qui est toujours aussi bon et très pratique. J'en ai toujours dans la cuisine ou salle de bain ou dans le garage et aussi dans la voiture.
I use these all the time to clean my house and car
These cloths are very durable and are quite handy. It is the best dish cloth ever!
Love these as a multi purpose cloth for cleaning! Much more durable than paper towel and they work well for washing dishes.
Great to clean up any mess. I like that you can wash and reuse them. Unfortunately with my husband around they tend to disappear to the workshop.
I have used J-cloths for over 30 years. They work great for everything I use them for, from washing dishes, to dusting, to polishing, to oiling wood furniture etc.. They can be cut to size if you want a smaller cloth, such as when oiling furniture. They wash and dry in the washing machine and dryer dozens of times before needing to re relinquished to the rag pile. I like having different colors so that I can use one for washing dishes and using in the kitchen, and a different color for the bathroom etc. I COMPLETELY recommend this product!
I love J cloths they last so long and are not expensive. Great product to use anywhere around the house for those messy jobs.
these are the only cloths i use to clean my oven they are super durable and hold up great, they can also be refused but i also like the fact after cleaning i can throw them out better than paper towels for very messy clean ups
These are a great alternative to cleaning without using paper towels. Strong enough to scrub, then throw them in the wash and start over again!
We always had this product in our home growing up and they continue to be my product of choice. I tend to use in the kitchen but works well for a variety of uses!

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