4.5 5 0 109 109 J CLOTH Everyday cleaning cloths are versatile – strong enough for scrubbing, absorbent enough for spills and soft enough for cleaning glass and other shiny surfaces.
J Cloth
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Must have
I’ve been using these for years around my house. These are good for cleaning all types of surfaces. They rinse out easily and dry quick. You get a good amount in the package and they are affordable.
Not meant to reuse but I do
These are my go to mess grabbers. Whether I’m wiping off the countertop or scrubbing away at my dishes, the sheets last forever.
Very soft and smoothly clean the surface
Use it for cleaning multiple surfaces especially my stainless steel refrigerator which requires a soft fabrics otherwise leaves scratches on it. I use it multiple cleaning purposes
The only cloth I use
Disposable is a negative technically but I love the way they hold soap. I love the price. They break down enough that I suspect they don't last long in a landfill. For longer use I microwave them in some cleanser.
What's not to like
What's not to like. I can't say anything bad about j clothes. They get the job done
Trusted cloth
I mean I use cut up rags too but these work for a variety of jobs that you don’t even want to use a rag for. Strong cloth material I would recommend this won’t go out of my way to
Best dishwashing cloths
The J cloth makes the best dishwashing cloth. They work well for cleaning, and are both absorbent and durable. They are handy for cleaning up spills too.
super handy
these are super handy and convienient to have on had. cleans big or small messes easily and actually come with a good amount per pack! i always have a pack handy as the price is extremely low compared to some other cloths which quickly smell funky and are annoying to wash!
J'aime bien c'est petits chiffons pratiques et qui emprisonne bien la poussière rapidement sur les meubles, cadres et bibelots. À avoir sous la main !
I always have these in my kitchen. They are so durable and clean up any mess without having to waste paper towels.
A must have
This is a very versatile product that I have personally used for over 20 years. I love having them around the house. A Must have in everyone’s home.
Everyday Cleaning For House
I recommend these to everyone. I really like this product because it cleans super well, it is re-usable, strong durable quality cloth and is perfect for when you really need to do a deep scrub.
Useful cleaning clothes
These clothes are perfect for household cleaning. I like that they are reusable and can be used for various purposes. I wish there were more in the package. I definitely recommend them.
Love them
J clothes are excellent they are strong, can stand up to a lot of scrubbing, can use for several days as long as the cloth us washed and rinsed. I highly recommend this product.
Très bon produit
C'est un produit que j'utilise depuis plus de 30 ans et qui est toujours aussi bon et très pratique. J'en ai toujours dans la cuisine ou salle de bain ou dans le garage et aussi dans la voiture.

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