4.5 5 0 91 91 J CLOTH Everyday cleaning cloths are versatile – strong enough for scrubbing, absorbent enough for spills and soft enough for cleaning glass and other shiny surfaces.
J Cloth
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J cloth's are great for cleaning around the house. They are soft and don't scratch surfaces, yet the are absorbent and durable. Best thing is that they are also affordable!
Kitchen staple....i hate dirty old germy dishcloths so these are always by the sink...love not having to worry about spreading germs around and no washing!
I grew up with J Cloths and it feels like a must have for every house. They are strong, durable and washable. They pick up the mess and keep on going.
I have been using J cloth since i was a child . They are great for dishes and can be used more then once. I wash them in the laundry as well for additional use.
Always handy, especially when all the rags are in the washing machine or when you have something really yucky to clean up that you want to throw away. Staple item!
I've used these but not for a long time. They are absorbent. Some used to use this as a dish cloth for dishes. Great for wiping up spills.
I really like these cloths for cleaning the kitchen, even though it is a thin material it actually gets the work done. It lasts for quite a bit before you have to throw it out and doesn't hold the terrible smell that some wet cloths do.
I always have a box under the counter to use on areas I don't want to mix. They clean the counter of meat juice and the glass without streaks or lint. A run through the laundry and they are ready to go again. They dry fast and don't smell.
Great strong cloth. I am able to machine wash them to reuse. I strongly recommend!
J cloths are classic. They have been around for along time for a reason. I find them very convenient, easy to use and they don't leave lint behind. Always in my cupboard
These are great...we've had them in our house for years. Versatile and light weight, they are great for cleaning everything. I wouldn't be without them.
I've used these for years! I love them. I mainly use them to wash the dishes and the counter tops. They are light weight, just thin enough but sturdy enough. What I like the most about them is that they dry fast so no yucky mildowy smell.
J'en ai chez-moi on peut les réutiliser. On peut nettoyer n'importe quoi avec, c'est vraiment pratique.
j'aime bien ses chiffons j'en ai deja utilisé et pour epoussetter les meubles c'etait cool
Chiffon J est mon nouveau produit chouchou pour le ménage au quotidien! Mes dessus de comptoir n'ont jamais été aussi bien entretenu..! Efficace comme un essui-tout, mais écologique puisqu'ils sont lavable et réutilisable. Ils sont désormais indispensable a notre foyer puisque je les adores!

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