Jack Black Beard Oil

4.6 5 0 9 9 Enhance your beard appearance and the condition of the skin underneath with Jack Black’s Beard Oil. An exclusive blend of certified organic natural oils, potent antioxidants and vitamins.
Jack Black Beard Oil


My husband loves this product and has added it to his self care routine! It makes his beard so much softer, and has seemed to help with some uneven growth (although not major!).
Jack Black Beard Oil
My husband uses this to make his beard soft. Without it, it is very rough on my skin when he tries to give me a kiss. It feels like needles going in your skin.
Works great!
I purchased this for my partner who had issues with dry skin in his beard resulting in flaking skin, as well as a rough beard texture. After only a week of using this his dry skin issue is gone and his beard feels SO much softer! It also has a nice soft scent that is not overpowering.
Absolutely great for easy of purchase
Is it the best on the market? Not the greatest but it’s absolutely not the worst and it does the job fabulously. It helped soothe my husbands beard itch that came early on when it was growing out again and it helped keep it tame and in place (not like a gel, more like helping the hairs learn where to sit with the oil and a brush/ comb. It smells wonderful and this whole line is available at Sephora and was easy to purchase in little kits for a lower price, depending on what you needed.
Best Beard Product Ever
After several days of using this product my beard was softer and appeared much longer in length. This is now my go to grooming tool.
Good oil for dryness
My boyfriend uses this product religiously. It has a great scent and definitely helps with dryness. He complains about irritation a lot and this has been a consistent part of his routine to help bait that.
Beard oil craze
This oil is really good. It really soft his beard. Great stuff for all you guys out there. Definitely try this out if you’re having dry beard and itchy face.
Great Stuff
Works well, smooths skin and beard. The container is a bit small. The smell is unreal and I get compliments on it all the time - it's like a classy mint scent. The other products from this company are great too!
Nice, smooth and fresh.
Got this as a gift. I've tried quite few beard oils. First time with this one. It does feel fresh when rubbing it on and unlike the first feel of it when rubbing it in my hands, the oil feeling goes away pretty fast once you put it on. I like the feeling of freshness of it and smell very nice.

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