4.5 5 0 83 83 High potency dose of B12 that provides a natural source of energy. Fast dissolving.
Jamieson Vitamin B12 5,000 mcg
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Great for those that are low on Vitamin B12.
Last July, my family doctor suggested that I try this product due to my blood test coming back. My blood test showed that I was low on Vitamin B12. Taking these with my other morning medications is so easy. Does not take long to dissolve under the tongue. For anyone that is looking for an easy way of taking their Vitamin B12, I highly recommend this product.
Great Supplement for Vegans
Living a vegetarian, plant-based lifestyle, I find these a great supplement to my diet. They go down easy and I feel a rush of energy that lasts throughout the day. Would recommend for vegetarians!
Helps with your over all health and with you lacking somethings due to Celiac Disease
Vitamin B12
I purchased this product to use occasionally when I need to add B12 to my diet. The pills are easy to swallow and come in a convenient bottle that is easy to get into without breaking a fingernail trying to get the seal off.
really great
I love the taste. Cruelty free and I eat one daily with a vegan diet. Buy every year.
I have been taking these for quite a while. I actually loved the taste.
these are awesome to take in the mornings for the little bit of an extra boost!
I do not know what Jamieson does to their vitamins but I have been allergic to each and every product of theirs that I have tried. I have been told that their quality control is poor, and that while the total container will contain the amount specified for each tablet. The problem is that one tablet may contain 10xs the amount specified per tablet while nine other tablets may have none of the active ingredient. I will no longer use any of their products even if they were the last vitamin on earth!!! Read what is said by professional/medical reviewers say about the safety of this product!! DO NOT BUY!!!
Loved the flavor and taste, but not sure if it actually worked to give me more energy.
Taking B12 helps boost your energy. I find in the winter particularly B12 helps with this. I totally recommend it.
I take a Jamieson B12 5,000mcg every day for a few years now. My doctor recommended this. It really makes a difference. I have more energy and my vertigo is under control. I highly recommend this product
This the only brand I use. Easy to swallow and tastes like cherries. They are small in size, compared to most , and I like that.
Started taking one a day 3 weeks ago on advice from my doctor who said I was a bit low on B12. It took about a week, but I started feeling less tires and had more energy when I woke up and towards the end of the day. Tablet dissolves in your mouth in about 5 seconds and the first thing I take when I wake up in the morning.
Vastly increased my energy, if you take any kind of anti depressant I strongly reccomend it!
I have found in our family we have low B12. Since I started a few months ago since I am getting a little older (just a little) I lack energy so with the warm weather and wanting to spend outside quality time I decided it was my time for B12. I am feeling the effects and can say I do feel like I have revived energy and it's also help me feel just better overall of myself. More smiles to be had.

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