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Jergens® Daily Moisture
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Love the scent and it absorbs quickly
Really enjoy all of the Jergens products. All have a wonderful fragrance and absorb quickly
smooth and soft
love Jergens. I always wash my hands which leaves them dry. I have Jergens at my desk and use it all the time. It leaves my hands soft and silky and no greasy residue. Thanks Jergen
My son loves this cos it moisturises his skin well. He has ashy,dry skin and nothing works except for this.
Use All The Time
I use Jergens all the time! For the price of this product, it beats out alot more expensive lotions.
Life saver
This product makes my life so much easier! I’ve tried all the expensive special lotions and creams and hypoallergenic products and this is the only lotion my super sensitive skin can use. It’s not too heavy not too light let’s my skin breathe while still being extremely moisturizing! When I purchase this product I typical buy 3-4 bottles because it’s often out at the stores. Clearly I’m not the only one obsessed!
really good
I use this lotion on my legs and hands which are so dry. It helps a lot. Buy all the time.
This product is very moisturizing and has a lovely scent, will definitely be buying this again.
I love Jergens and use it multiple times a day. Not greasy.
I bought it a few weeks ago and like the scent. It is a light feeling moisturizer and seems to be keeping my skin moisturized during this very cold winter
I love Jergens products. This is great stuff.
Jergens is a wonderful brand and one I trust. I Love this product! I moisturize every day and I am a cream addict. This sits in my cream supply
I absolutely love Jergens cream, keeps my skin soft and smooth.
I like Jergen`s but find it pricey so usually only buy it when it is on sale.
I use Jergens lotion everyday to keep my skin moisturized.
It has helped my skin stay moist in a very dry and warm environment for some long winters.

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