4.5 5 0 44 44 2 x the moisturization. ½ the time. Moisture-rich oils bind instantly to water on your skin, absorbing quickly and leaving your skin twice as moisturized.
JERGENS® Green Tea Oil Moisturizer for Wet Skin
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Light body moisturizer for after-shower
The JERGENS® Green Tea Oil Moisturizer for Wet Skin has a refreshing light scent, that's very pleasant to use when just stepping out of the shower on wet skin. I like that it feels very light on the skin, not heavy and it holds the moisture in the skin longer.
I use it for my hands, great to keep by the sink!
Wash your hands, then put the moisturizer on before pat-drying your hands, so very smooth and soft. It lasts a while since you don't need much, a small squirt is enough. I would definitely recommend.
this is wonderful, I was so happy when I seen it in Canada I use to have to go to the USA to buy this, great product does not leave you sticky or clamy just soaks in leaving you smelling great and feeling great.
Soaks right in
I really love the Jergens moisturizer for wet skin. When applied it soaks into the skin so fast I don't have to wait to get dressed so my clothes don't stick to me like regular moisturizer. Also my skin still feels clean after applying not greasy at all. This is definitely my new go to moisturizer after showering. I would recommend giving it a try and I will be buying it again.
Best product for my Skin!
I have always had itchy skin so i thought i buy this. Best product ever. It is used after you get out of the shower before you towel dry. Since i started using this product i have had no itchy skin. It is expensive but worth it
I love Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer! Helps repair moisture barrier! Contains their proprietary advanced Ceramide complex! Immediately absorbs! Completely greaseless! Skin feels 3x more hydrated instantly! Fragrance free! Dermatologist recommended!
I have tried multiple brands versions of wet skin moisturizers and this is one of my favourites. It’s hyrdraying and fast absorbing. I use it right out of the shower.
This moisturizer works really well. I was a little skeptical but I received a sample and gave it a try. I am hooked, my legs and body are much softer now and my towel isn't oily from using baby oil after my shower!
I like this it makes my skin soft even the hard areas
I really like this product for right after I've shaved my legs. It's the perfect amount of moisturizer, and doesn't feel sticky or greasy!
This is just ok. I love the concept but for me, Jergens just didn't deliver on this one. it did not meet my expectations. I applied to my wet skin directly after showering and bathing several times and I just felt wet afterwards. I think a less lotion-y, more oil based product would work better. Maybe a thicker texture? I can't really pinpoint it - it just didn't work for me. Also, I am not a fan of the fragrance at all. This left my hands feeling wet and greasy after applying. I'm going to stick with my Vaseline spray on lotions. It's just much easier and much more effective imo. For days when I need ultra moisture after a bath or shower I'm going to stick to George's cream (in the jar). Again, I LOVE the concept, but it needs a do-over.
I love the way my skin feels after putting it on my skin after a steamy bath.
I am in love with this product. It works great and the convenience of putting it on right after my shower is great for a girl always in a rush in the morning. The scent is not over powering and fresh and I can smell it lightly on me all day long.
I haven't tried this product yet, but hopefully soon.....
Amazing stuff, soaks right in and your legs are soft!!

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