4.8 5 0 29 29 Invigorating seaweed formula known for its detoxifying properties. Mild, low pH cleanser – infused with refreshing mint and seaweed extracts.
John Frieda® Beach Blonde® Cool Dip® Purifying Shampoo
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A very good choice!
A very good choice! And a very good brand too. So far I'm loving it almost all of its products. Really worth the price. It has a lot new arrivals too recently
Love it!
I really love this brand and this shampoo is amazing. It smells sooo good and makes my hair very clean.
Love the peppermint smell & how it makes my hair feels after
I LOVE this shampoo! Smells great and leaves hair so smooth
This is a great shampoo. It's gentle on your hair and leaves it looking great. The fragrance is so nice. It also gets rid of any residue left on your hair from any products you've used on your hair. I'd recommend it for anyone who has fine hair that damages easily.
Have tried this shampoo and love it! Smells great and cleans all the product out of my hair.
Good product....my hair was soft and manageable all day.
My hair smells minty and makes my scalp feel refreshed.
I absolutely LOVE this product. It’s very refreshing and your hair feels very clean and smooth.
I LOVE the John Frieda Cool Dip Shampoo and the Conditioner too!!! Absolutely the best products in it's class. It's is revitalizing and you realty do feel like you jumped into a pool on a hot day. Nothing gets you up and gives you zip like the fragrance of this product. Your hair feels super clean as it takes out the build up of gels, hairspray and other styling products. A definite 5******
best shampoo I have ever used. keeps my hair blonde,not brassy. fresh aroma to the product.
I absolutely LOVE this shampoo (and the conditioner). When it comes to shampoo, as there are so many options available, I used to buy a different brand/scent any time I needed shampoo. After trying this, I'm now a loyal repeat customer. Best. Smell. Ever. It's somewhat minty, with a clean, fresh scent and makes my hair feel so soft. Although it's not the cheapest shampoo out there, it's definitely worth buying. Highly recommended!
I'm not blonde but use this shampoo regularly to get rid of product build up. I really like the minty smell as well
Love this stuff, the whole line of beach blonde is fabulous. Just hard to find. This shampoo cleans my hair, without stripping and keeps my blonde, blonde!
Don't let the name fool you. This shampoo works well for all hair colours. It has a wonderful cooling effect which feels amazing on a hot, summer day. I found it left my hair light and bouncy feeling. Great travel bag addition!

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