3 5 0 43 43 Instantly boosts colour for a salon-fresh look in between colouring.
John Frieda® Colour Refreshing Gloss for Cool Brunettes
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Not the greatest! First wash, washes most of it out. I do my own color and I prefer gosh when it comes to color
This product really works it cleans up the colour of your treated hair and make the shine come back to life
I dye my hair regularly and this product seems like it would help in between treatments . Would like a box please!
I would love to try this as john Frieda is a great name in hair care
I would love to try this as I already tried John Freida products and love them!
Never tried it. Would like a box. Coupons included. Thanks. I dye my hair every week without ammonia.
Going too the store as soon as I can for this one!!!
I have not tried the John Frieda cool brunette product but I know that most of these products are pretty exceptional
this product looks great but I have not tried it yet..would you send me samples of your products and coupons please
I tried the original John Frieda Refreshing Gloss last year; I wonder how they have improved this one? I would love to give it a try :) Thank you
I dye my own hair, this would be a great product to try to bring the shine and nourishment back to my hair after a couple weeks.
I have not tried this product but would like a free sample to see if I do like it....
i would to try it out and see how good it is like some people had told me it does work good
I See this Product Only Has 3 Stars so I am iffy on want to try this Product. My Hair color is Plum Color as I die it but my Hair Color Is Brown.
Well... This gal is a cool brunette!! I would definitely give this product an honest try.

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