John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Shampoo

4.3 5 0 136 136 Frizz immunity shampoo with pure coconut oil. Works from the inside out while fighting frizz.
John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Shampoo


For the price, I expected better results
The frizz ease by John Freida isn't quite what I expected. It didn't really tone down the frizz as much as I was hoping for, for the price. I wasn't impressed enough to say "wow, my hair is a lot less frizzy" and there are cheaper products out there that will do the same job.
Like but not love
I used this product and was very excited about doing so. However, it didn't turn out to make the cut. I was willing to spend more but would have loved to see better results. Its just not worth the price! Not bad product though!
Na pas tenu promesse dans mon cas
Puisque j'ai les cheveux bouclé le résultat n'a pas été celui prévue.
Good start
I have a lot of hair and had only a sample pouch of product, but I was impressed by the lack of frizz - without using conditioner! I will definitely buy a bottle to try properly :)
Not as great as expected
I received this product as a sample. I have normal hair which can be dry just on the ends and frizz a bit. This didn’t really help with frizz and was more like a normal shampoo.
All Frizz ease products are great!
Frizz ease smooth is the best product I have tried.It leaves my hair so soft and manageable.Really helps when straightening my hair.No need to use everyday unless you wash your hair everyday.
Definitly helps!
This is an awesome shampoo! It is not heavy or oily. I wear my hair dead straight a lot of the time and I hate if my hair looks oily when its clean and dry but with no frizz! I only have to use a little bit of this shampoo, putting it through my hair, then lathering.
Love this
I have some of this in my collection of hair goods. I use it in my kids and my hair to help with all the flyaways. Curly hair isn't easy to deal with, this is so helpful.
The end of the frizzes
I have always struggled with the frizzes until I started using Frizz Ease. It makes my hair soft and manageable without the frizzes. I use the product all the time and would highly recommend it.
Over rated
I have bought this a few times as there is not that may products for fizz I have normal hair mostly dry just on the ends and I thought it would help for ends ..not so much
Left my hair frizzy
I actually liked the effect this had on my hair, in terms of shine and softness. My hair was left nice and soft and shiny, when I used it with the matching conditioner. However, it did leave my hair frizzier than usual, which given the point of this shampoo, seems pretty strange. For that reason I'd use it again, but wouldn't recommend it to people with thick, wavy hair as a frizz reduction means.
I bought the whole set
I got a free sample of this shampoo and conditioner in the mail, and was very skeptical that it could help my frizzy dry bleached hair, but just from the sample alone my hair is actually softer and it smelled so amazing! I love it and I went the next day and bought the entire set, shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner.
Tames Naturally Curly Frizz
I have long naturally curly hair and this product is still one of the best shampoos on the market to tame my frizz and give me sleek curls. I highly recommend you use it with the conditioner.
Great for frizzy hair
I really like this shampoo. I also use the conditioner and the flat iron cream. It makes my hair soft and smooth with no frizz.
Great product
I have very curly and frizzy hair and I found it really helped take out a lot of the frizz and left my hair smoother. Love John Frieda

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