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Johnson- bedtime creamy wash
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In love
My baby is grown up and wont use this any more but any time i have to buy baby stuff for people i always have this added to the gift bags. I can’t wait to have more babies to use this on. Love how it makes them smell and love how it is gentle and makes babies skin very soft.
Smooth Lavender
This is a really nice bed time bath soap. it leaves the entire upstairs smelling so beautiful! It has such a calming scent that the girls sleep.nicely after.
Smells great
Such a nice relaxing smell! Great to use on the baby before bed! I for sure recommend and the price is great! I think it can help relax the baby before bed with the lavender smell!
great sleep
you as an adult will appreciate this product will give you a great night sleep
Love the scent!
I initially bought this for my baby but my husband and I both love the smell so much that now the whole family uses it before bed! Love this product, we keep it in our home year round
Does just the trick!
Great product yet agian! The smell is amazing and does just the trick to calm the little one. Just what she needs after a long adventurous day and a playful bath. Always recommend to friends and family.
Smells wonderful and works like a charm
Another great Johnson's product! I've always loved using the baby bedtime routine they have with all my kids and myself . It leaves everyone feeling calmed relaxed and the subtle lavender smell is great. Absolutely love this product .
tried and tested
this cream smells so good. using it last year and my kids and i love it!!
Best baby cream!
I love this cream! I have been using it in my family for many years. The smell is amazing and really does help calm your baby down before bed time, especially when you combine with the bubble bath. I used to use it on myself as well to help put me to sleep!
gentle on sensitive skin
You can't go wrong with a product that has been around for generations. It has a gentle fragrance and keeps sensitive skin healthy and cared for.
Great product
I like this product, I buy it for myself. I have sensitive skin and only use gentile products.
smells soothing
I love the scent of this baby wash. It's one of the Johnsons products that smell the best. I still purchase this product for my daughters even though they are no longer babies.
Classic favourite
All time classic favourite! Leaves my babys skin feeling so soft and an ever lasting smell ! Love this product
Another wonderful product form Johnson love all there products abd have used hem with all my children.
i used this for quite a while for my kids but I did notice that there skin would be very dry and sometimes break out into a rash, it does smell good but its not good for kids with sensitive skin

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