4.7 5 0 75 75 Enriched with a blend of essential emollients to help keep baby`s skin feeling softer, longer.
JOHNSON`S® Baby Cream
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Baby Powder
We used this a couple times but unfortunately the scent is to strong for our girls and gives them a bit of a reaction. It smells good to me like baby powder but it is a bit strong for a baby lotion.
For mom's too
I have been using this for years. I am in love with the smell. It works great. I use it for myself as well as the kiddies. Good price and tried and true product. It has been around for years and I love it. Recommend forsure💕💖
La meilleure crème pour bébé
Ici on utilise la crème douxcoton de Johnson's à chaque jour depuis la naissance de bébé. L'odeur est incroyable mais ne sent pas trop forte. Les gens qui prennent bébé nous disent adorer l'odeur!
Another quality product
I love the smell, gentleness and quality of this product. Like all Johnson products, this cream does what it promises. I use it for both my 1 and 3 year old!
odeur douce
laisse la peau lisse , hydrate et ne sent pas trop fort.
Love it
I am smelling its scent since I was very little. Johnsons baby cream fragrance automatically reminds me of babies for some reason and I love that feeling and its scent. It really leaves the baby’s skin soft, smooth and babies smelling good so good. I love it!
Rapport qualité prix
Bon rapport qualité prix. Abordable pour des bébés avec un peau standard. Mes enfants ont une peau normale donc pas besoin de produit pour peau sensible. Donc, pour ma cas, ça s'applique parfaitement à mes enfants a bon prix.
Love it love it love it!!
Good job Johnson's!! You made another one of our families favorite products in an easier to use manner. Much more portable but still the product we've loved for ever.
Smell so good
The smell of this cream is so nice. I like it. My little one skin is so soft with the cream. The format is also very useful.
This product is very nice for my child skin . That i still use it until this day . Always has my child skin soft .
This baby cream is just great, it helps my baby's skin to be hydrated and keeps it soft.
Johnson's has been around forever making gentle products for skin used this product on my own 3 babies who are now in their thirties and have used this on my grandkids nice gentle smell this is also great for older folks who have extremely sensitive skin so this is and always will be an a,azing product
I love a classic! This is a classic product and leaves that unforgetable baby scent
This product was a go to for my kids and a go to for generations before me. Johnson's will never get old. It's not only safe for babies but for adults too. Leaves my hands soft and moisturized. Love all different scents available too.
Not just for babies - great if you have sensitive skin too.

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