4.2 5 0 34 34 JOHNSON’S Hand & Face Wipes were designed to gently and effectively remove dirt and germs from baby’s hands and face anywhere, anytime.
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Works great
They smell so good and they works great. I love to keep them in my bag especially when I am traveling a long way. They have saved me many time when my baby has made unexpected mess.
Bad reaction
I used these on my son’s face and they gave him a horrible rash. He generally has more sensitive skin than his bother but I wasn’t expecting that from a product that says it’s safe to use on the face.
Take everywhere
We love these ! We have one just about every where ! Every room , car , diaper bag , wife's purse, my Papas Bag ! The reasons , they clean baby's bottoms , toddlers delicate faces , take off my wife's make up , clean up little ohohs and smell HEAVENLY that's quoting my wife ! They even make the interior of my new camaro shine like a new penny...😍 I buy them just for that reason !!
These wipes are terrific for baby's sensitive skin, and do a terrific job of cleaning up "messes"! I also keep a package in the car, just in case someone has a "mishap"!
This wipes are thick, they smell good, makes cleaning the kids so much easier.
I LOVE THESE WIPES!! I used to use them on my daughter when she was younger. Perfect for on the go. Now that shes older I just use baby wipes for her hands and face, but they`re great for babies soft skin and getting sticky faces and fingers clean.
I picked up a few bottles of baby lotion and it had these packs attached as a freebie. Convenient travel size, and worked great to clean my son`s hands after playing in the park or having a snack.
I love these, they are gentle and don`t leave your hands or your child`s hands feeling sticky as some hand wipes do!
I haven't tried Jonsons wipes before I would like to try them and write a review about them
i would like to try these for removing make-up at the end of the day seeing how its a more gentle formula.
I have not tried these but use baby wipes often to clean up messes and take make up off. They have a million uses but I like these wipe away germs.
can`t buy these since finding out that J
Prefer the cheaper regular old baby wipes. Not worth the smaller pkg and larger cost.
These are great for on the go messes and are always in my sons diaper bag.
love these so handy for the mom on the go have them in all my diaper bags and cars

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