Kalorik Red Volcano Popcorn Maker

4.6 5 0 57 57 Prepare popcorn and have it ready to serve at the same time.
Kalorik Red Volcano Popcorn Maker


Super cute
Kalorik Red Volcano Popcorn Maker reminds me of the Popcorn Pumper we had when I was a kid except you can eat from this too! Prepare for a few rogue kernels, but it’s all in good fun and the dog loves cleaning it up. Container for popcorn doesn’t get so hot you cannot handle it, and it looks super cute in the kitchen. Fun to make, would recommend.
Working good
It's good and fun for the kids although it sometimes pops outside the container but it's good
Matches my theme
Okay so i only bought this because its red and matches all of the my kitchen decor and other appliances. I am happy to report that it actually works really well too and makes pretty good popcorn for us to enjoy.
Soirée cinéma
Idéal pour les soirées cinéma ! Fonctionne bien et les grains sont bien éclatés. En plus, l'odeur est agréable !!!
Convenient popcorn maker
I really thought this was a good popcorn maker and convenient, as the popcorn goes on the plate. It did a great job with all of the kernels, but it overflowed from the bowl. I am not sure if I had put too much kernels. I think that overall, it is a great & innovative product.
Popcorn maker
No more portion packaged popcorn in microwave. With this cute little volcano popcorn maker my kids life change. Now every movies night it's popcorn night for us
I love this popcorn maker. Its fun to make and something different. Usually use during our weekly movie nights. Love the design. have never owned a similar product but I would definitely recommend this one.
Très le fun à utiliser, mais c’est pas la meilleure façon de faire ton maïs soufflé. C’est long et compliqué pour rien. Selon moi, celui acheter a l’épicerie est meilleur et plus facile à faire!
Fun kitchen gadget, pop out corn
Very nice and fun to use but not sure it is the best way to make your popcorn. I would say 90% of the time the bowl catches the popcorn but the other 10% is messy (but fun). The desing is nice and color matching with a lot of other kitchen appliances
simple, easy use and not messy. i recommend this and use vinigar and butter in a spray bottle with gorlic and onion powder and duat it with ground herbs
La bonne odeur du pop corn a la maison
Idéal pour les soirée cinéma! Fonctionne vraiment bien et les grains sont bien éclaté.
Great experience overall!
When I first saw it on walmart, I was thinking of my kids and my movies I couldn't resist to buy it so neat looking. When I got it I didn't regret at all, I made popcorn in it following all directions. However as the kernels are popping the delicious yummy smell spread and it fun to look at it why popping. If you're looking for something a lot user friendly go ahead an get it
Fun time
Pop a movie on and make some fresh popcorn what could be better. The kids love it and it does a great job. Making your own popcorn is great cause you can customize the topping and seasonings.
Good product
The popcorn come out perfectly golden and crispy. Its very easy to use and its easy to clean as well. The quality of popcorn made is better as compared to my previous popcorn maker. It tastes better.
Fast and effective
Gets vast majority of kernels and is very quick to heat up and operate. Satisfied with the purchase.

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