3.8 5 0 548 548 Kashi joi bars broke from the norm by offering unique ingredient combinations, robust textures, and surprising flavour twists.
Kashi Joi Bars
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Liked it!
I enjoyed the taste of this product but do find it difficult when it comes to chewing the ingredients are to big for my liking due to cutting the inner top 🔝 of my pallet therefore I like it but at not in this form would I buy it if pieces were smaller you betcha
I am a snack bar junkie and....
I loved these. Soft, chewy and delicious. I recently heard that this product has been discontinued, which is unfortunate as it is the only Kashi bar that I actually like. The rest of the Kashi bars tend to be too crunchy and dry for my liking.
Very natural but not fabulous
I tried these snacks and while they have good ingredients I didn't love them. They're ok.
Let's go nuts
I like these bars as they are "nut-forward". The only thing is that they tend to not hold up well (can break apart) easy. No matter, it all tastes the same in the end.
Easy convenient snack
I love how easy and convenient these snack bars are to take on the go. I really liked the bars nutty and chocolate flavours but wasn’t the biggest fan of the raspberry. Everything else was perfect. Great texture.
healthy and tasty
starting from the cover I was sold, only healthy ingredients and when I taste it I wasn't disappointed, the healthy ingredients in the pictures are all in the taste with that chocolate addition , amazing ! and no much gilt :)
A super healthier snack option. Not too sweet with lots of nuts. It makes me feel good when I eat one. The only drawback is that it is more expensive. Yes, I would recommend this!
great healthy snack
great combination of chocolate and nuts as a to-go snack.
A good balance of flavors
This was just okay. It is a great balance of flavors and textures, but I just wasn't a big fan of the chocolate. I do really like the different textures and appreciate the flavors, but it just wasn't for me.
Awesome product
The bar is really worth of money it has unique flavors and very yummy and delicious and it is in affordable price
Worth The Money
I find their bars stay with me. They also give me the extra energy I sometimes I need. My favourite one is Pistachio, Fig and Lemon.
Good product
Tasty and delicious.. it took away the hunger .. I'd recommend this
top knock
I have several flavors very good. I would Recommend this product
Kashi Joi Bars
Amazing!! I tried the Cashew butter with Banana Nut and dark chocolate and WOW!! They are Non-GMO and organic. Fill of protein and fibre. They're soft and chewy and not too hard that you break a tooth! I will repurchase the other flavours to try.
This is So good
I had a free coupon from save.ca and tried this product. OMG this is sooooo good! I actually preferred it than the Kind bar which is normally my go to. So yummy and a great healthier alternative to a chocolate bar. So much more satisfying.

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