3.8 5 0 531 531 Kashi joi bars broke from the norm by offering unique ingredient combinations, robust textures, and surprising flavour twists.
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Husband loves them!
My husband loves these granola bars. He says they are a perfect snack and not a chocolate bar like some of the other granola bars out there. He loves the amount of nuts in them as well!
Kashi Joi bars are my favourite
I absolutely love Kashi Joi bars. They are delicious and hunger satisfying. They come in so many different flavours with nits, grains, berries and sometime chocolate. I love their flavours.
Approuvées par ma fille
Il est souvent difficile de trouver des barres tendres qui soient à la fois nutritives et sans lactose. Celles-ci passent le test, et ma fille les aiment beaucoup!
I thought I'd hate it!
Now I'm not a fan of nuts at all, other than almonds. So when my boyfriend wanted to try them, I picked up a few which lead to me trying one. I was surprised! While a little too nutty for me it was absolutely delicious!
This is so yummy and full of dried fruits not just peanuts in the name of dry fruits. My family likes to munch on it . Its our go to snack specially when we are out .
Figs & Pistachio
I received this bar as a free sample to try. I really enjoyed the blended mix of flavors of figs and pistachios. They tasted like more of a treat than a healthy snack to fill a gap. I buy them when they go on sale to keep on hand for an afternoon treat.
Too sugary
I wanted to love these but they're very sugary and are basically a chocolate bar.
Delicious! I have tried a few flavours but the "Fig, Lemon and Pistachio" is by far the best! The sugar content isn't very high and the whole nuts and chewiness is to die for! I have found a new favorite snack bar!
Good to go
Got a sample from Samplicious in the mail, the lime flavour is good. Bought it and love it, $1coupons available to get at $0.50 ea. Good buy!
j'aime plus ou moins ce produit,le gout est ok ,il rassasie mais il manque queques chose. peut-être bon pour les sportifs ou les granola mais juste pour une collation c'est juste ok,surtout pour les enfant c'est normal
C'est bon
C'est un bon produit, mais pas plus. J'en achèterai pour me dépanner.
Very tasty and alot of goodies in them i tried the blueberry also so yummy
I got it as a sample it was good. Healthy and tasty.
It's good but not filling
I like these bars but they are not as filling as other bars. I know they have less "junk" in them but it is almost a waste of calories to eat them between meals. If I can't rely on it to get me over the morning hump between breakfast and lunch, I will chose a piece of fruit or veggies to fill the void instead of this bar.
Doesn’t feel healthy. I mine as well buy a chocolate bar.

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