3.8 5 0 531 531 Kashi joi bars broke from the norm by offering unique ingredient combinations, robust textures, and surprising flavour twists.
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didnt love it the first try but....
Definitely so happy i was able to try a sample of this bar. I didnt love it the first try, however i purchased it and love it since. Not to sweet and so nice and crunchy. Give it a try and you wont be disappointed, especially if you find a coupon to help with the price.
Pretty good
Normally I find Kashi bars to healthy tasting but I think this new line is really good
Tasted great, clean ingredients. A bit sweeter than I had imagined.
Just Okay
The flavor of this Kashi bar is okay. I probably wouldn't purchase it again.
Became a fan, they are a little on the expensive side but totally worth it. Love this hint of sweet with just the perfect amount of raspberry without the sourness, they taste great and are a perfect snack
Kashi Joi
Tried the Nut Bar - Pistachio Fig & Lemon - love the wholesome ingredients but a little bit sweet. I like a hint of lemon-ly taste.
Good snack bar
I have tried 2 bars. Kashi Joi raspberry, dark chocolate, hazelnut: not my favorite. I felt like I received an old bar. As it was forgotten on the shelf. Maybe just not a taste I would like... Kashi Joi energy bar, dark chocolate espresso nut: this one is just too god... I will, for sure, buy those one. I didnt felt hungry until a couple of hours later. Good product!!!
Good Flavour & Nice Snack
The taste of this granola bar was very good. The crunch of the salty nuts mixed in with the sweet taste from the cranberries and the chocolate made for a really good combination. It was also a very nice filling snack.
Tastes like a chocolate bar!
This bar was absolutely delicious! It tastes like a chocolate bar. It has a wonderful crunch and is great with tea or coffee!
Not bad for my first try of the Kashi joy bar
Received the Pistachio Fig & Lemon bar. Weird mix to me but it tasted pretty good. Will definitely try some more of the Kashi Joi brand.
Mixed review of the two bars
Tried the Dark Chocolate Espresso Nut bar and found a bitter aftertaste and the bar to be exceedingly dry. had to get some fluid to eat it and then gave up after a couple bites, not a favourite. Total opposite with the raspberry dark chocolate hazelnut, much better taste, no aftertaste and found ii to be less dry. Normally buy bars for the family and not sure our kids will like these bars as they seemed to be geared more to an adult taste.
Exellent j'ai adore Va faire parti de mon régime Petite gâterie saine
kashi bar
couldn't taste the raspberry in the raspberry nut bar and the espresso bar tasted a little bit dry
love or hate it.
The raspberry dark chocolate hazelnut bar... was decent compared to other nut bars on the market today. Flavour, soft and chewy... was good. No funny after taste. The dark chocolate espresso bar with almond butter... was soft, chewy and leaves a funny after taste... and I love anything espresso flavor but absolutely hated this flavour... threw it out.
Great taste
Received two bars. A Nut bar with raspberry dark chocolate and hazelnut and an Energy Nut bar with dark chocolate and and espresso nut. I loved both of them! Good taste and well worth eating. I am definitely going to buy these soon.

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