3.8 5 0 536 536 Kashi joi bars broke from the norm by offering unique ingredient combinations, robust textures, and surprising flavour twists.
Kashi Joi Bars
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A good product
Tried this Kashi Joi bar and found that it had a good assortment of wholesome and tasty ingredients. A decent product to try.
Bad news
Of all the bars I’ve ever tasted this one is the worst. To be generous -Is it possible that it’s gone ransid. In that case the product wouldn’t be at fault.
I would have enjoyed my show more
I bought a box of the Raspberry Dark Chocolate Hazelnut bars as they were on sale plus I had a coupon. I was very disappointed by them as I found they were full of nuts but had no flavor to them at all and it's very dry. I plan to slowly eat the whole box as I spent $17 on it but oh man! No wonder it was $9 cheaper than normal
I tried this as a sample. It was pretty good for something I would have tried. Chewy, good taste. Although the after taste was somewhat unappealing. Good amount of nuts, raspberries and chocolate. I would buy them for sure opposed to normal granola bars.
Good flavor, bad hazelnuts?
I loved the raspberry with the dark chocolate! It wasn't too sweet. I did not like the hazelnuts though, they tasted stale to me...
Not too sweet
I like this bar. I think it works great as a snack on the go. It's not dry and it's not too sweet. It almost tasted like I was eating a mix bag of nuts/raisins, but without the hassle of grabbing a handful and trying to make sure it all goes in my mouth as I rush off somewhere. I also found it quite filling and ended up eating half in the morning and half in the afternoon as a snack. I'd definitely purchase this in the future.
Would not buy again
Did not enjoy the taste. I did find the amount of nuts to be exceptional though.
Surprisingly Good.
I was sent this bar to test and was pleasantly surprised by it's contrasting tastes that fit together. The dark chocolate comes across very well with the other flavours. I will purchase these in the future.
Not the greatest
I wasn’t a huge fan of this bar. It was very dry and hard to eat.. maybe mine was a bit old.
These bars were good. The amount of raspberry was just right, and a nice contrast to the dark chocolate. Perfect for a snack on the go.
Very good
I found the Kashi Joi bar to taste good and has a nice texture. Also these bars are not dry like the other type of Kashi bars.
This bar is delicious, not too sweet, lots of texture; would recommend for snacks and lunches.
Delicious ??
I tried these bars on a whim and absolutely loved them. Gave me the energy I needed to keep me going after the 3pm drag!
Haven't tried them, but have heard others say they are good. Can't wait to try them.

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