3.8 5 0 526 526 Kashi joi bars broke from the norm by offering unique ingredient combinations, robust textures, and surprising flavour twists.
Kashi Joi Bars
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Tastes like a chocolate bar!
This bar was absolutely delicious! It tastes like a chocolate bar. It has a wonderful crunch and is great with tea or coffee!
Not bad for my first try of the Kashi joy bar
Received the Pistachio Fig & Lemon bar. Weird mix to me but it tasted pretty good. Will definitely try some more of the Kashi Joi brand.
Mixed review of the two bars
Tried the Dark Chocolate Espresso Nut bar and found a bitter aftertaste and the bar to be exceedingly dry. had to get some fluid to eat it and then gave up after a couple bites, not a favourite. Total opposite with the raspberry dark chocolate hazelnut, much better taste, no aftertaste and found ii to be less dry. Normally buy bars for the family and not sure our kids will like these bars as they seemed to be geared more to an adult taste.
Exellent j'ai adore Va faire parti de mon régime Petite gâterie saine
kashi bar
couldn't taste the raspberry in the raspberry nut bar and the espresso bar tasted a little bit dry
love or hate it.
The raspberry dark chocolate hazelnut bar... was decent compared to other nut bars on the market today. Flavour, soft and chewy... was good. No funny after taste. The dark chocolate espresso bar with almond butter... was soft, chewy and leaves a funny after taste... and I love anything espresso flavor but absolutely hated this flavour... threw it out.
Great taste
Received two bars. A Nut bar with raspberry dark chocolate and hazelnut and an Energy Nut bar with dark chocolate and and espresso nut. I loved both of them! Good taste and well worth eating. I am definitely going to buy these soon.
Not my type of bar
I tried two sample bars. Chocolate Banana Nut and pistachio gig and lemon bars I found the chocolate banana chalky and not a lot of flavour. I would not purchase this product. The pistachio lemon was very good. Lots of nuts, not too sweet and should like sesame seeds because they do get stuck in your teeth. I would definitely purchase this product.
Kashi Joy canneberge
I try this bar it was not my favorite was not sweet at all but I like this new combo canneberge and chocolate .Did I will buy in the future no really not my my kind of chocolate
Goût supérieur
J’ai reçu 2 barres à tester. La barres aux framboises, très bon goût d’aliments naturels. Ma préférée est celle aux noix, la barre énergisante... si je compare aux autres barres similaires sur le marché, elle est de qualité supérieure. Son goût est naturel, le format est parfait. J’en achèterai c’est certain!
Energy Bars
Received two bars. Raspberry Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Espresso Nut as a trial offer. I preferred the Raspberry Bar. It was smaller and quite filling. I liked the taste of the Espresso Bar but at 55 grams, found it more than I needed as a snack. Both quite high in calories but I appreciated the relatively low sodium content of both.
Delicious and Nutrtious
Received 2 samples: 1) Nut bar raspberry, dark choc. and hazelnuts 2) Energy nut bar dark chocolate espresso nut. They both were very delicious. I preferred the raspberry because it was moister. It surely filled in the gap between meals.
Just Okay
Received 2 samples: 1) Nut bar raspberry, dark choc. and hazelnuts 2) Energy nut bar dark chocolate espresso nut. Both have very high calories. The 1st one had a strange taste/after taste - seemed dry, would need a beverage to help wash it down. The 2nd had a coffee taste, which I do not care for. I would not buy - just my taste!
Joi bars
Received 2 samples: 1) Nut bar rasberry, dark choc. and hazelnuts 2) Energy nut bar dark chocolate espresso nut. 1) Was expecting a lot from the first one as I love all the products in it. Yet I found it to be a little dry and did not taste the rasberry. Taste was ok but I would not buy the product. This one I give 3 * 2) Really did not like this one, more moist but too sweet and leaves an after taste after eating it. Would definitely never buy it. Also a lot of calories in this one. I give it 2 * Overall for the 2 products I gave 3 * but I would probably not buy either of them in the future.
quality ingredients that taste great
Kashi Joi nut bar is a tasty snack filled with high quality ingredients. While not low in calories, it provides energy from nuts, chocolate and dried fruit to satisfy your hunger and provide a nice treat. It has nice texture as well as good flavour. I plan to keep some on hand to put in my backpack when I am going on a hike.

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