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These bars are delicious, but they're very hard. Wouldn't be my first choice but I did enjoy it.
A healthy chocolate bar
Not my cup of tea but i can see how others would enjoy it. Worth a try at least
Yummy and healthy!
I love the combination of thid bar. As soon you put in your mouth you can really feel and taste how healthy it is. The only thing thats why I have 4 bars its because 1 is not enough! Lols they should make it bigger for the whole day!
Very tasty. Just enough for a snack, very good, can take it everywhere
Great bar
I've tried this..actually had a brunch handed to me for free when they were giving them away at a subway station...find the bars great..great taste..great crunch..love the combination of chocolate & nuts..very tasty..would for sure buy somein the future
Yummy Choclate
I love the way the chocolate melted in my mouth, was very satisfying.
It is so delicious doesn't have a chalky after taste love the banana and chocolate flavor.
Very chewy
I love it. Very good source of energy for a snack time, break time or anytime. Will reccomend this to others. I love the different flavors of it.
Jai eu la chance dessayer la barre au banane chocolat et jai vraiment ete surprise. Elle as une texture qui ressemble bcp a dautre petite barre connu faite a base de dattes et ca ma bcp plu! Jebvais ej racheter cesr certain. Ca se traine super bien, sa bouche un coin et redonne un p'tit boost d'énergie
I bought 2 bars with a Bogo Coupon, thinking I was getting a good deal... Until I actually tried them. The first bar tasted weird but I thought maybe I just misjudged what I expected it would taste like. A week later I tried the second bar and had to throw it out - definitely a rancid peanut oil taste, that was hard to get out of my mouth. Both bars were far from expiry date and were manufactured at the same time. Maybe a bad batch but I wont be taking the chance on this flavour again!
Love This !
Loved this bar! I am not a fan of berries and chocolate so this was a nice change from the usual!
Delicious pick me up!
Very nice tasting energy bar, great for when you just need a little something in your belly in between meals and when you are on the go.Alleviates the gurgles and acid in your guts when you have no food in your stomache.I can keep going with one of these and do my tasks and get on with the day.Crunchy,sweet but not overly.Very satisfying.Thanks for such a great product.Its my go to bar.
Joi wins!
Loved it!! Full of flavor and very satisfying. I had as a morning snack with my coffee.
Kashi JOY
This product is a perfect blend of ingredients that go well together. What else can I say, chocolate, bananas and nuts make the ideal taste. Enjoy!!

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