4.4 5 0 120 120 Delicious and portable Honey Nut Flavour Breakfast Bars have 24% of your daily value of fiber so you can get up and go.
Kellogg's All-Bran Honey Nut Breakfast Bars
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Light, flaky and delicious. Small serving though so eat in addition to something else. Great taste though, worth trying!
i have tired and liked it. Tastes good and makes a great snack for school and work. It's not overly sweet which I like and goes well with morning coffee too
These All Bran bars are amazing ! Not only do they taste great but they have you that little kick of fiber u may need. The Honey nut flavor is a favorite of mine .
Wow!! This is an amazing product!! From the moment I stared using this I don't want to use any other porridge anymore!
I have tried theses I'm bad for not eating breakfast but these are really nice on the go
Love the Kellogg's All Bran Breakfast bars. I can eat them on the go and anywhere.
Great for when your on the go, they also taste good.
Tried these and loved them.These are tasty and have a nice crunch to them and are quick and easy for on the go when you want something that's good for you and easily accessible.
Great taste, dry as dust. Sorry, not a fan. I just found it was too dry to eat. Maybe if you threw it in a bowl of milk, lol.
I feel this product was way to crunchy. It taste quite bland and on the expensive side. This is not a snack I would recommend. I didn't taste the honey and wasn't really nutty.
Tasted ok. My husband likes these more than I do. Too hard for me.
Love them, find them very satisfying. Great for on the go.
Once I got past the texture which was some where between sand paper and cardboard the taste was not too bad. It was not my favorite. I did try it more than once and my opinion was the same. I won't buy the product again.
These bars are great for on the go and when you have to head out the door without the time for a great big breakfast. Super choice for an afternoon snack and my 3 year old loves that they're honey flavoured. they look as though they might be dry but they aren't. Each package is able to be broken into 4 pieces so its great for portioning as well.
Kellogg''s All Bran Honey Nut Breakfast Bar is great as part of a breakfast, along with some fresh fruit and a bowl of yogurt. Also a favourite as a mid game snack on the golf course, again with some fruit, nuts, and a few veggie sticks.

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