Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Fruit & Nut Medley Harvest Blueberries & Mixed Nuts Bars

4.1 5 0 211 211 Made with real fruits & nuts, combined with whole grain gluten-free oats, and contain no artificial flavours or colours.
Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Fruit & Nut Medley Harvest Blueberries & Mixed Nuts Bars


As a snack, this is way better than all the junk out there posing themselves as "healthy" snacks! At 150g per bar made with whole grains and oats (essentially gluten free), this is a great pick me up for those days you forgot lunch or are roaring with hunger after work or the gym. Not too sweet, not too salty with the right amount of crisp and tart from the favourite though is the one with the raspberries! One or two bars can easily sustain you till your next meal :)
I really like these granola bars the blueberries and nuts together are delicious! They are not bitter tasting and they make a great snack!
lovely and filling i am always late for campus so i just grab one of these and run out the house its a lovely snack and well made all of my friends have started using this product thank you
In terms of granola bars out there I think there are way better flavours and textures. I've gotten a few boxes for free to try which are awesome and I will always take full advantage of that but I would never spend my own money on these ones.
While I do enjoy a snack bar at work, I did find the Kellogg's Nutri Grain Fruit & Nut too sweet. I will stick to the other brands of snack bars that I consume.
I have tried these and I love them so much there so delicious
I have tried these and they are far too sweet and there is hardly any fruit flavour, especially with the fruit being in the title. The nut flavour overwhelms everything else.
I found this to be a little more sweet than I like, but overall I loved the texture (good mix of crunch and chew) and the blueberry flavour.
this Kellogg's product is a nice snack you can take everywhere and it tastes really good, sweet and crunchy!
I just love these bars. It's filling and a cheat treat all at the same time.
I liked them very much, nice texture, not too hard. Lots of nuts. They would be excellent if there was a little less sugar. Great to take with you for a snack on the run.
This product is so ridiculously delicious I can barely contain myself. Hide the box from me. I have no discipline.
Apparently these are very good. My husband ate the whole box on me and couldn't stop raving on how good: you should try them. Ha, how when they are all gone.
Awesome variety with the nuts and fruit. Delicious as a snack at work.
Really tasty! And kept me satisfied through the afternoon. Love the fruit and nuts.

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