4.4 5 0 179 179 Orchard cherries and almonds. Made with real fruits & nuts, combined with whole grain gluten-free oats.
Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Fruit & Nut Medley Orchard Cherries and Almonds Bars
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On the go snack bar
I purchased this product because I wanted something fairly nutritious which I could use if I felt hungry between meals. This had a variety of nuts and fruit which I liked. The bar was quite tasty and I would consider buying it again.
I love, love, LOVE this bar! It's sweet and healthy and wonderful. Even my picky eater brother ate them we definitely recommend this product/
I would not buy these granola bars again. I found them to be overly sweet and loaded with sugar. They didn't taste natural. They tasted overly processed.
I really liked these. Great for a nice on the go snack.
The best Nutrigrain bar in their arsenal of bars. I am a frequent purchaser of these bars.
My daughter loved these. She's pretty picky about snacks/treats and doesn't care for cake/pastry/cookie things so this was pretty great for the lunch kit.
Love having nutri grain bars around especially when you have a child and I thought this would be something we would have to try. I like the fact is fruit and nuts.
Love this bar. Its really tasty and jammed with great ingredients.
Love them! Not overly sweet, great taste and texture. Highly recommended. Only issue is the product is a little to price to purchase when not on sale.
I'm allergic to nuts, but my 21 year old daughter didn't like them. Neither did my father, and he always eats the stuff no one else likes.
Awesome combination nice and fresh testing snack great buy so good I keep buying them
These granola bars I thought were very good .. Kinda like a trial mix granola bar . Tasted great will definitely buy some more ;)
KELLOGG'S NUTRI-GRAIN FRUIT & NUT MEDLEY ORCHARD CHERRIES AND ALMONDS BARS are amazing they taste great and fill the spot when you need them to. I am very picky and I enjoyed the taste immensely and I find they are of a great value for your money. A healthy treat for a go to snack.
Very delicious! Full of flavor and satisfying; only complaint would be that it's a little too sweet and sticky.
Loved the taste of these bars, Could really taste the cherries. I found it very filling compared to other granola bars. Will definitely bit again.

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