Keri Shea Butter Moisturizing Body Lotion

4.6 5 0 65 65 Vitamin E Helps to trap moisture inside the skin and sunflower seed oil helps protect the collagen and elastin in the skin. Aloe Helps reduce the aging process, rich powerful antioxidants
Keri Shea Butter Moisturizing Body Lotion


Lotion 👍
There is never a day I go without lotion. This lotion was at my sisters house and I used some. That is where my love for the lotion set it. This is remarkable to say the least.
Smells Great and Reliable
I use Keri Shea Moisture as my go to for Winter. It protects against dry skin and locks in the moisture even if ai am not layered up. Keri's smells good and has been used in my family for generations.
depuis aussi loin que je me rappel ma grand mere a toujours utiliser de la Keri lotion et je l'utilise aussi a la maison depuis longtemps! le beurre de karité laisse la peau douce!
I love this body lotion because moisturized your skin!!! If you have dry skin use it and you will see the changes in your skin...oh yeah!!!
Good Product
Leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft without being greasy. Reasonably priced. Also has a great smell.
I have used Keri lotion for years and love it!
Keri lotion has been used in my household for years. It is one of my favorite lotions. I apply it after a bath and my skin is moisturized for 24 hours and more. I always have a bottle at home.
Love it
Very good product. It helped relieve my itchy dry skin within a few days
It was ok!
Didn't like it too much, very oily/greasy feeling - but it did keep the skin mosturized! I would say great for really dry skin.
This product was ok but not my favourite. It didn’t absorb very well on my skin and felt sticky
Great for tattoos
I found Keri brand in general was best for tattoos as it left white residue on my skin and made my somewhat not so dry skin seem really oily. Would probably best suit people with dry skin.
I love the new scented products !!!! Been useing this lotion off n on for long time now ! I love the way it makes my skin feel (less dyhydrated) ! I like the shine it brings to my skin too !
My usual Brand
I've been using Keri lotion since I was born, but I don't really like the scented ones that I've tried. I liked this but will avoid it because of the added fragrance. I am concerned, however, of the shea butter clogging my drain, as there is absolutely no information online about it. Two of the ingredients, while "safe" nowadays, palmitic acid and napthene, are the Nap- and -Palm of napalm.
Sensible skin merveilleux
Parfait pour la peau sèche comme la mienne elle fait le travaille sans corps gras c'est fantastique et très bon format pour le prix. Chaque fois que je prend ma douche c'est la.creme qu'il me faut
Forever and always
I was introduced to Keri lotions by my mom. And Keri has never disappointed. After a shower using this moisturizer is like being enveloped in softness. It is thick and for winter I appreciate that
works great!
soothes dry skin and moisturizes smells great too!

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