Keto Bars - Hot Cocoa Warm Ups

2.8 5 0 6 6 Keto Bars also makes a delicious warm and creamy keto friendly Hot Cocoa drink! Keto Hot Chocolate from Keto Bars!
Keto Bars - Hot Cocoa Warm Ups


Not Great
My hubby is into keto so I bought him this to try. Although he finished it, he asked that we not buy it again. He didn’t care for the flavour. He said it was weird, nor did he like the texture.
Keto Bars - Hot Cocoa Warm Ups have a super weird after taste. Definitely wasn’t for us. Finding options in the keto range isn’t hard, but this one went sideways for some reason. Would not recommend.
Chocolaty but not overly enjoyable
I do appreciate that there is a keto option, and it's edible, just didn't enjoy it overall. I would try a different bar next time.
Great for Keto diet
This is pretty good on a keto diet, not as good as the non keto,but does the job
Keto Bars - hot chocolate
It did taste ok, if you really need a warm chocolate beverage it’s really nice but I find blending it works best for consistency.
Chocolaty but not the best bars
Overall a good experience and nice option for keto chocolate available, you can taste a lot the chocolate but the consistency is not my favourite

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