4.5 5 0 125 125 5 super grains coated in peanut butter and soft-baked for a chewy, crunchy part of your morning breakfast. With each 50g serving having 19g of whole grains, they're the perfect source of sustained energy throughout your day.
KIND® Breakfast Bar Peanut Butter
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Recommend purchase if you find yourself in a rush in the morning or hungry in the afternoon. It’s a tasty, filling snack that will keep you focused on everyday to do’s until your next meal
Tasty and convenient
This is a good quick snack and very convenient. They taste good too!
Snack time
While it was nice that it’s gluten free so I can eat it I did find the taste to be milder than I thought it would be. I would buy it again as it’s a great filling snack and is better, I find ,than traditional gronla bars.
This is a good product tasty but a bit on the expensive side. High in calories so depending on how many people you are feeding it can be a bit costly as well too costly to purchase for snacking.
Love this flavour
I love KIND products so much and they are all gluten free even their cereal.The flavour a great!
Game changer!
I would consider myself a breakfast bar addict so when I came across this brand I was highly interested. These are not only a healthy option but delicious one as well. 100% would recommend.
Quick Portable Snack
I like the taste and texture of these. I like that i can put some of them in my pocket or bad and carry around with me. Only thing they can do is probably have more variety in taste.
Easy breakfast to go.
Enjoyed the flavour but the texture was a little dry.
pas assez moelleux
bon au goût, mais pourrait être plus moelleux. un peu trop de type croquant pour mon goût personnel.
Everyone in our family (tweens, teens, college kids & parents) love these. They disappear as soon as I put them in the cupboard.
It’s really good
I bought these when they went on sale at the local grocery store and they were a great tasting breakfast bar
So yummy!
This was by far one of the best tasting (healthy bars) that I have tried! The peanut butter one was SO yummy I would for sure recommend. I just wish they were a bit cheaper. But it is what it is.
These are really good! I love the peanut butter! I eat other kind bars too but these ones are by far my favourite.
A neatly packaged, healthy belly filling snack. Yum!
Delicious, satisfying, excellent for on the run. I have these in my bag all the time

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