4.6 5 0 223 223 Bueno is a delicate chocolate bar with an indulgent taste. Each melt-in-the-mouth piece promises creamy hazelnut, smooth chocolate and crispy wafer for you to enjoy.
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Taste sooooo good
Bueno is easily one of my favorite chocolate. The crisp the hazelnut cream, it just tastes so good. I found that the dark chocolate is a bit less sweet than the regular one but slight difference. I love them both.
Bon produit
D'habitude je déteste le chocolat noir mais sur cette barre de chocolat c'est tout simplement délicieux si vous pouviez en acheter vous ne serez énormément pas décu d'ailleur c'est velle que je prend tout le temp juste parfait la quantité :)
Bueno !
J'adore le chocolat noir et j'adore les barres Buenos! Un très bon goût. Et a se qu'on dit le chocolat noir est meilleur pour la santé, s'est parfait ;) Je recommande et je vais racheter a coup sur.
I am amazed with how good these are as well as the other flavours they offer they were soo good I tried them all and was in love at first bite lol
Very nice ! I love this brand but the dark chocolat is amazing!! Not too bitter with some sweatness. Even my kids like it. I wouldn't change it and i gave some to my friend and now this is what she keeps on buying !!
Chocolate bar
As a chocolate lover, I did not find this to be very tasty. Much too sweet for my liking.
Crunchy and creamy
Love this variant of bueno. The dark chocolate makes it a little bit less guilty to eat.
Bueno dark
Love, love,love it!!! Will buy in every check out!
Not my Kinder treat!
I love Kinder chocolate...the creamy white chocolate mixed with regular chocolate. Yummy Except I didn't care for the dark (somewhat bitter) chocolate mixed with the (sweet) creamy white chocolate. I found the contrast between the dark and white not to yummy.
It's a perfect snack, great balance of sweetness and Light. Great flavour and 2 is enough.
This chocolate bar is do creamy..it melts in your mouth, love the dark chocolate. Perfect combination of crisp and creamy.
Le gout de mon enfance
La meilleure bar chocolaté du marche a mon gout. Tout est la, le croustillant de la gaufrette légère et le crémeux gout noisette qui se marie parfaitement avec le chocolat au lait, un vrai délice!
The best chocolate bar ever!!!
I honestly love this chocolate bar so much, the little chocolaty pocket of hazelnut with the wafer. They should have three bars in one package.
Pretty good
I only like dark chocolate with mint but this wasn't half bad. But still prefer the original
Nice for whom like dark chocolate
I expected it to be bad. But it was more than average maybe because it’s not fully black in and out. I tend to love sweet chocolate. I prefer the milk bueno instead. But people who loves dark chocolate will like it enough.

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