KITCHER 6.8QT Air Fryer

4.7 5 0 71 71 KITCHER KAF6501 air fryer owns 1.7 times Larger Capacity than a 4 QT round basket. KITCHER'S 6.8- Quart Square Nonstick Basket can fit a 6-7 lbs whole chicken but a small round basket won't support. Enjoy big meal with your family, at least 4-6 people.
KITCHER 6.8QT Air Fryer


Greatest gift to give or receive!!
This is a must-have for every kitchen! I received one of these as a gift and at first, was reluctant to bother using it but that all changed after the first use! No more soggy french fries and it takes half the time of a conventional oven. Ive cooked so many meals with this unit that have turned out fantastic. I would recommend this to ANYONE looking to make ease of cooking.
Got for Christmas
I did not get one to review but got one as a gift, and I enjoy how you can use it during the summer and it doesn't heat up the whole house. Nothing worse than needing the oven. Also - I'll never buy wing takeout again!
the air fryer is one of the best appliances I have ever bought for my kitchen use it all the time and it makes the food tender and delicious anyone that doesn't have one should get one for sure
Easy to use, easy to clean
Cute little unit that’s incredibly easy to use. My kids love it and it’s fast instead of waiting for the oven to heat up. Bacon, wings, pizza, smothered burritos, garlic croutons, grilled cheese, hash browns and the list goes on! The only things that didn’t cook very well were homemade sweet potato fries which came out puffy and cinnamon buns which came out yeasty. (We make those in the regular oven quite often and they turn out great.)
Amazing product; everything you cook comes out soo tasty! Love This Product!!!
Great idea😊
I absolutely love’s so convenient to cook basically anything and not only’s so easy for my children to use it. We’ve had so many good meals with it and were able to cook them all at once.
Bien aimé
J' ai bien aimé. Mais il ne faut pas mettre le four trop fort. Si on mets le feu trop fort cela brûle. En général c'est bien.🤗
Love mine
I love my air fryer, only thing I wish that was different is I wish the entire bottom tray/basket was detachable from the electronic portion without having to unscrew it. much easier to clean if I could just quickly detach it from the electronic part and throw it in the dishwasher or hand wash and dry
A must have
i love my air fryer! i cook anything and everything. So easy and convent
Welcome to my life
I absolutely love this product, easy to use and I pump out some pretty amazing food including grilled cheese & crispy bacon! When I make fries my family goes crazy bc there’s no deep frying involved and it’s super easy to clean....welcome to my life, where have you been all my life!!
Very nice looking machine
I got this as a gift at Christmas. Was skeptical at first as I had tried a few other models and wasn't very pleased. This 1 has however met my expectations. J use my air fryer atleast 3 times a week. Highly recommend this product.
In the past two months I have been through 3 different brands of air fryers and none of met my standards they all either fall apart ,don’t cook well ,or are fairly small after finding this air fryer it has been a game changer we are a family of 10 so this has helped so much I would highly recommend this to other customers
Great fry
I love this frier. Tastie fries lol, no grease. And great taste at a fast time for
It works for small families
It is only just my husband and me, so this air fryer works well for us. If you are planning on feeding more than 3 people, however, you are going to have to do at least two rounds because it doesn't have a lot of room inside. For what it is and what it does, it is a decent product.
Good but not Great
This is the largest one I could find and it still wasn't large enough. I am going to purchase the toaster oven style that has two layers.

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