KIWI Instant Shoe Cleaner Wipes

4.9 5 0 27 27 KIWI Instant Cleaning Wipes quickly clean and remove dirt and stains on-the-go.
KIWI Instant Shoe Cleaner Wipes


Great for Kicks
We tried these on both the black and the white Nike Air Force Ones and it was highly effective. We love I the dusty country and my kids want to keep their shoes looking fresh and clean, so they have a small packet of these in their book bag to clean when needed. Super affordable, considering the price of the shoes. Very handy, would recommend
Shoe wipes!
These little wipes are super handy & get right down to the nitty gritty! Definitely would buy in the future!
Perfect for salt stains
I use these in the winter months to remove the salt stains from all of my shoes. Make sure you use them as soon as you are done wearing your shoes and it will remove any salt and residue to keep your shoes looking brand new.
Works amazing
Use this all the time never disappoints me best on the market.
très pratique en dernière minute, facile à trainer dans son sac au cas où fais le travail entre 2 cirages
Old is gold
This product has its name from a long time you can trust that it works cause old is gold. Advise you to use it.
Tout propre
Nettoyant de bonne qualité, assez surprenant même. il ne deteriore en rien la qualité de nos chaussure
Love how it can clean your shoes without having to wash them
Donne de bon résultat
Facile d'utilisation, bon prix et donne de bon résultat!
Great for the winter
I use it to whip the salt off my shoes when I come home in the winter. Helps keep my shoes last longer. Also does a great job at removing dirt and grass stains after a long hike.
I love them
Tana product are my favorite. It's helping me alot to keep my shoes and boots 100% clean and preserved help me keep them for years.
Great at keeping my white shoes whtie
I love this product. I own a lot of white shoes and this product helps with keeping them clean all year round
pretty good
This product works well, it cleans and shines shoes nicely, without a mess. The scent is not overwhelming. Make sure the container is TIGHTLY closed after each use. I found they did dry out rather quickly, if I was not careful when done using the product for the day This is great for both men's and women's shoes. Make sure when you buy the product you check the expiry date and get the freshest package you can.
Great product for anyone who has leather or man made products our family uses this faithfully
best thing
works pretty well. it’s always inside our car so I can have it handy anytime. Also works great for my leather boots. My wife keeps one in her purse so she can use them anytime and they remove salt as well as polish the leather. I wear them pretty much every day KIWI keeps them clean and shiny, also waterproof.

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