Kleenex Ultra Soft Go Anywhere Pack Facial Tissues

4.8 5 0 88 88 Delivering ultimate softness and durable strength, kleenex ultra soft facial tissues are both durable with 3-ply thickness, and absorbent to lock in moisture.
Kleenex Ultra Soft Go Anywhere Pack Facial Tissues


Quality matters
Great product. Quality matters. Blowing your nose doesn’t put a hole in the tissue.
Product review
When i need a kleenex i just pull out from the easy slit in the box no soar nose i leave a box in the bathroom ,bedroom ,kitchen.
Great for on the go. Soft so as not to irritate the delicate skin around your nose.
ma marque depuis très longtemps
celui avec soothing quand on a le rhume il est super on ne vient pas avec le nez tout rouge il est super ! Il faut l'essayer pour le voir! Ici nous l'avons adopté depuis belle lurette. Micheline xx
Cest lingette mouchoir ultra doux de kleenex sont parfaite. Que ce soit dans la salle de bain, dans le sac a main un petit rafraichissement ou dans l’automobile pour les petit dégats. C’est lingette nous sauve souvent la vie ! J’en laisse toujours un paquet trainer dans la maison :)
Such a great idea!
It was on sale so I purchased it to give it a try at my local drug store. It turns out its a great use to hang at my bed frame especially when I had a sudden sneeze after I woke up for awhile or the fact that I'm laying on my bed and wanted to sneeze while getting ready for bed.
Tout doux
Doux, pratique et résistant en plus l'emballage est parfait pour les sacs a mains.
Go Anywhere
I have packages of these tucked everywhere for emergencies. They are very soft on the nose, but strong at the same time. I can't count the number of times that I've been glad that I have these in the car or in my purse!! The packaging keeps the tissues clean and fresh for the next use.
A must have
These a great to have, handy, for use when not at home. They are great for in the car, the packaging keeps the Kleenex fresh and dust free. They do not take up much room in a purse, or other location. I have a small storage pouch that I have attached to the side of my walker, and they are easy to store there for when needed. The package also allows me to help others in need of a Kleenex, at places like an emergency waiting room, where I can just give the person the entire package, now with Covid being active, or just one clean Kleenex, when people are not afraid of taking something from me.
So so so so SO soft!! Love it
This one really stands out amongst the many Kleenex tissues because it not only holds well and doesn't fall apart completely with a bit of moisture, but it also doesn't hurt your skin while you blow your nose too much during the flu.
Holds up really well
These Kleenex tissues aren’t the softest BUT they hold up really well. You can comfortably blow your nose without worrying it’ll rip open. The tissues are thick enough to use wet or dry. We regularly keep these stocked at home.
Love it
Love it how thick it is. And you only need one. It goes a long way.
I have tried several types of tissue and most of them were like blowing your nose with a piece of cardboard. And this product is awesome doesn't leave your nose feeling sore it feels great and I would recommend it to someone.
They do exactly what they are intended to do and I can put them pretty much anywhere.
Love this
I use this all the time. Very soft on the nose. Definitely will buy this again.

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