3.8 5 0 86 86 Cheddar chipotle flavour. Cooks in 11 minutes.
Knorr Sidekicks Pasta
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A perfect side
I usually make this once a week usually on a Sunday . It’s a perfect side with fish and a salad , or your main meal at the side with a salad . It’s fast and easy to make. I usually store up on these when they are on sale
I did not like this at all. I have always loved Knorr but this particular product is not for me nor my taste bud :(
Cooked 2 packages of the white cheddar and broccoli and it took me almost half an hour to cook...
I LOVE the flavor of these sidekicks!!! The perfect balance of cheesy flavor and spicy. Great flavor!!!!
When i cooked this product it took way longer then said. Not to mention the noodle didnt cook properly and the sauce got stuck in the noodles and wouldnt mix proplerly. Lets just say my late dinner turner into ordered pizza.
I love spicy food and when I saw these I was like I have to try them. Love them!
We use Knorr Side Kicks as a side dish when we are rushed. We like most all of their flavours, however, not this one. It tastes like they poured nacho cheese sauce on your pasta.
I do not like this one but my husband really likes it
this is great fast and easy and also goes with everything
I found this lacked flavor. I was not a fan, which is disappointing since I really like the other pasta sidekicks.
My boyfriend and I absolutly LOVE the cheddar chipotle Sidekicks..we have them sometimes twice a week as a side. So easy to make,fast, and tasty! I always put a cup and a half of milk and half a cup of water (it calls for a cup and a half of water and half a cup of milk)but it turns out much more creamy my way!!
Very quick and easy to make. It had just the right bite to it and very cheesey. Everyone loved it. Perfect for a side dish!
My family and I love Knorr Sidekicks, but the Cheddar Chipotle is one that didn't sit well. It cooked up nicely like all the other flavours but we were not a fan at all of this flavour.
Tried this for the first time and did not like it at all, tasted like spicy cardboard! :-(
awful, awful, awful...no one enjoyed this in the family, ended up having buttered bread as side dish instead, and I returned rest of unopened bags, yuck!!!

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