Knorr Turkey Gravy Sauce

4.2 5 0 6 6 A velvety smooth gravy, expertly seasoned with rosemary, sage, and onion. Perfect over roast turkey or mashed potatoes.
Knorr Turkey Gravy Sauce


Knorr Turkey Gravy
Turkies often make great gravy, however, when you add a packet or two of Knorr Turkey Gravy, it adds the "he ne said quoi" to your gravy and takes it up to another level. It makes something that is already good that much better.
This tastes really great, super simple to make and it’s cheap
Everyone love this
It’s perfect both for Thanksgiving and for Xmas. I usually make a lot so for the next day I have a hot turkey sandwich. This gravy is not watery at all I also make this gravy in the summer so I can pour it over some BBQ
Creamy Turkey Gravy
For those people that don't have much luck making gravy, this is the solution. Takes good and gives you a little break.
so tasty for packaged sauce
i love knorr, and always have their sauces in my pantry both at home and at the cottage, when i need something quick and easy
Meh ..
This stuff isn't the best and in the end you need like 4 packs of this stuff to make a pot of gravy. This only makes one cup per package and that's only enough for one persons potatos.. good but pricey better off making homemade gravy for this price

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