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Kraft Dinner® Spicy Chedder
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love it
a bit of a aquired taste but once you have a few bites you will love it if you like spicy food and a bit of a bitter spice . It is quite creamy not lacking in much body i quite enjoyed the flavour.
I dont know who came up with this idea of a spicy kd but its awful. It's so spicy your mouth is on fire. Nobody in there right mind should eat this.
Spicy not for me
Tried this item and well although i like spicy, Kraft dinner is not the place for it. Funny as i have put ketchup on my Kraft Dinner and Salsa but this just didn't do it for me. It has a spice alright but one i don't like
This product is okay. The rest of my family did not like it.
Amazing. I find this to be better then any other Kraft dinner. Although I cannot find this product on store shelves anymore so not sure if it's still being made or not.
Odd taste. We wouldn't buy it again for our family.
Had to try this as the whole family loves KD, but was sadly disappointed. The taste was overwhelming and not what I expected. Won't be purchasing this again.
A little bit of spice to an old favorite. The kids don't like it so much but it is great for the adults in the house.
Love the kick of heat but should be a little stronger. Maybe new product KD extra spicy. Thank you for making a spicy Kd. Love it!
My husband loves this, if you like a little kick to your food this would be great for you.
Love it! Good ole KD with a little kick of heat! It's like the adult version!
Love kraft dinner but this tasted weird. Would not buy it again.
Not bad! We added extra salsa on top, and it was pretty tasty
I'm a longtime fan of KD and also a fan of spicy foods. So this is very nice with a hint of spice! yum!
Didn't like, smelled weird and you don't as much as a regular box...

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