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Kraft Dinner® Spicy Chedder
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I have not tried this but it seems to me that the primary consumer would be kids and they usually don't like things too spicy. This just seems wrong to me. If you want it spicy just add some hot sauce to your serving.
Just recently bought this product to try. Sitting in the cupboard for one of those busy nights
Dont care for original kd, but love spicy food so i figured give it a shot. To me still tasted like fake cheese powder with very little bland spice. Thumbs down, sorry.
would love to try it, as I love KD and enjoy spicy foods
I haven't tried it personally, but my husband who loves things all Spicy did and he did not like it that much. He didn't like the macaroni.
I am not a fan of spicy products (actually my stomach isn't ) but spicy macarone does not appeal to me and I would not try it even if I could
I always have KD at home and mix it with meat, sausages, salsa, vegetables, etc... it goes with everything I can wait to try the spicy one
now this is differant---I would bet my 3 grandchildren would love this
Our family loves Kraft Dinner and it would be a nice change from the original Kraft Dinner that we normally have.
I don't like Kraft Dinner, but I would try this, for curiosity's sake. I love spicy food, but I assume this wouldn't be too spicy at all.
I am not a spicy loving person, but my daughter is, and would like her to try this one.
I haven't tried this products kids hubby love KD just a bit worried it might be to hot. But will buy a tried for myself why not.
I have not tried this product but would love to. I hope it's just spicy enough!
Once again, something new and spicy to try! I would appreciate an opportunity to sample Kraft "Spicy". Thank you!
I would love to try this KD.... we love spicy food,....well have to be on the look out for this ...

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