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Kraft Fruit & Veg Dressings
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the flavor is so refreshing and delightful it is great as a marinate for chicken
I have a new favourite salad because of the berry balsamic dressing. Spinach, cucumbers, blueberries, strawberries sweet peppers, feta and of course berry balsamic dressing. So good!!
So far I've just tried the Berry Balsamic flavour & LOVED IT! I like how the flavour is thick & concentrated enough that you don't need to keep adding more (I find some thin dressings just fall off the salad to the bottom). The bold colour also makes it fun so my salads look pretty :) Definitely will be buying this one again, & probably try some new flavours too!
My husband likes the roasted tomato w/ basil, on salad or marinating sauce for chicken.
I have tried 3 different kinds of this salad dressing and they were ALL delicious. Used the Roasted Yellow Pepper to make oven roasted potatoes. It turned out amazing.
very nice if you like to dress up your salads. The mango is fantastic
Didn`t like these dressings but I love otherkraft dressings though
So far I`ve triedvthree varieties of the fruit and veg dressing and loved them all!
Tried it just once out of curiosity, and am glad to be reminded of it`s existence once again. I used this to marinate a steak, but have not yet tried on salad. Steak was very moist and flavorful. Now that I remember this product, I`ll be getting more in the future
Possibly the best dressing out there. Great flavour and was equally great as a salad dressing as it was a marinade. Yum yum!
I really liked this. So did my kids. My son always wants a salad with this on it.
Love the extra kick these give. I love spices and sauces and this is a perfect ingredient.
These taste great, I love the variety of flavours available.
Tried the tomato basil , it`s ok but a bit to spicy for me.
love this salad dressing. has real fruit and vegetables.

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