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Kraft Peanut Butter with Honey
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I tried this product a few years back when they came out and it tasted really good! Just like if you put honey on peanut butter! Although it is very expensive so I don’t usually buy it!
Love the taste. The jar is very small though. I like to put the pb on muffins.
I love peanut butter and honey toast, so this sounded like a great idea. Buy was I WRONG!!! Yuck. You could not taste the honey, it was messy, and expired quickly after I purchased it. Though the expiry date really did not matter as I through out the bulk of the container. I hate to waste food but this was not worth eating!!!
Je l'ai bien aimé mais je n'en achète pas car les autres membres de ma famille ne l'aiment pas.
Purchased a few jars on sale for my husband to try since peanut butter with honey is his favorite snack. He really enjoyed this. I enjoyed not having the mess of honey that inadvertently dripped on the counter normally. ~ so win win for both of us
Why mess with a good product, I would rather add my own local honey
Almost perfect
This was quite nice with banana! I docked one star because my nephew didn’t enjoy it so that’s for him.
I always make peanut butter and honey sandwiches and now Kraft has done it for me! This is the only peanut butter I buy now and I love it. Even my boyfriend loved when he first tried it and now that's it one of his favourites and that's huge cause he's the pickiest eater you will ever meet. Even my dog is huge fan and she will just sit there drooling as we eat our sandwiches.
it takes really good peanut butter with a sweet taste!
Decadent ... assez que j'en mange a cuillère ... ou bien avec muffins anglais hummm
I always like to mix honey and peanut butter on sandwiches. Kraft just made making these sandwiches so much easier and the mix is delicious. I recommend that if you like to make peanut butter and honey sandwiches try this product, you won't regret it.
I'm one of those people who finds peanut butter too dry, thus when I saw this I just HAD to try it. The honey definitely improved the consistency of it and it made it easier to spread and or use in a shake however I find that for me personally this was just too sweet.
I tried this product. it was great texture and taste.. i would love to see a honey roasted (with actual) peanuts come back . That was a great peanut butter back in the day!
I have never had honey and peanut butter together before, but thought I would give this a try. I love it! A small amount of sweetness is perfect
Love this peanut butter great on toast. I use this for icing and for peanut butter cookies. And if you like thai add a bit of chili and use it peanut sauce or the noodles.

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