4.5 5 0 33 33 Dry hair results in roughened cuticles that may lead to frizziness.
L`Oreal Nutri-Sleek Anti-Fizz
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Good product
I always have lots of fizziness issue especially on the day of headwash..this has definitely helped in controlling the fizz n gives shine to my hair..
Ce produit est très efficace pour mes cheveux secs. Je suis satisfaite avec le bien soins des cheveux et la qualité.
I was looking for some antifizz solution for my super long hairs and it do solve my problem. I doesnt make my hair look oily but shiny and smooth. And the plus point is you just need to use just few drops. last long
This is great for my unruly hair. It makes my hair so shiny and manageable.
3.5 stars. I enjoy the scent and lather on this, it also washes out well, imparts a premium scent on hair and a lustre/shine to hair. However, I did not notice a difference to improvement in terms of damage. It does cut down the frizziness slightly by about 10-15% (for coarse, thick hair). I rate this slightly above average performance and value for a drugstore anti-frizz shampoo.
I use the L'oreal Nutri-Sleek several times a week on my dry frizzy hair. All you need is a pea size amount and you massage that all over your hair. The product absorbs really well and makes your hair very soft. Just remember to always use a small amount because a little goes a long way. This product has been really helping my hair not be as frizzy. This is worth checking it out if you are into hair oils!
I love this product, makes my hair shine a whole lot!
Not a fan. I found this product too heavy and weighed my hair down.
This looks wonderful!!! Please send me a sample ty!!!
Always looking to try a antifrizz for my hair yet to find one that doesn't leave it till n feeling dirty would live to give it a try
Have not tried L'Oréal Nutri sleek anti frizz but would be more than happy to try, review, and leave honest feedback!
I would like to try this product because I need to get the frizz out of my hair. I gave also heard very good things about it.
I have horrible problems with frizzy hair and would love to try this anti frizz product.
I am of Italian Decent with long curly hair. I need a different product for my hair. I have tried many and none do as they claim. My hair still frizzes out. HELP PLEASE. Willow Coulson
I have really really frizzy dry hair everything I tried never helped. This has good reviews so I would like to try some samples if not I will buy it from Walmart it has good reviews and I will try anything to get my hair to chill.

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