4.5 5 0 33 33 Dry hair results in roughened cuticles that may lead to frizziness.
L`Oreal Nutri-Sleek Anti-Fizz
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I haven't tried L'oreal Nutri-Sleek Anti -Fizz yet I would like to try it as I have Curly Frizzy Hair I would like to write review about this product
If you could see my hair you would know how badly I need to try this...nothing works on this hair!
I have not used this product but received the nutri sleek precious oils and just love it. Makes my hair shine and you dont have to use lots of it prior to shampooing love it.
Would love to try this, my hair gets so ridiculously frizzy, especially in the summer months and so far I`ve had no luck in finding anything that works. Would love to give this a chance!
I have not tried this but would be willing to give any anti frizz control product a try.
Havent tried this but would in an instant considering I have dry curly hair.
My hair gets frizzy all the time and I love loreal products, Would love to try this.
I loved this product, I have frizzy hair and I tried this and it worked perfectly.
I loved this protect, my hair is very frizzy and it helped to smooth it out!
Unfortunately this did nothing for my hair. I find organic pure coconut oil rubbed into ends is still the cheapest and most effective way to add moisture to damaged dry hair
ive used this very often i definitly recommend this but just be careful on how much you use, better used on styled hair i think personally, blow dry or straighteners then a small amount worked through your hands and smoothed through.
My hair is very curly, but with this product it was weighted down and lost the curl. I had to wash my hair every day which, to me, defeats the purpose of conditioning.
my hair has never felt better, my hair has a wave (which I hate) and using this product, I now have strieght hair. The fizz is now gone. Thank you Loreal
this stuff is amazing.my daughter`s hair is hard to manage and the anti fizz serum helps alot
This product didn`t work on my hair. The price is less than other products but if it doesn`t work, then it`s not worth it.

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