L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Color Radiance Conditioner for Normal Hair

4.4 5 0 183 183 COLOR RADIANCE protects colour-treated hair for visibly sublimed colour radiance.
L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Color Radiance Conditioner for Normal Hair


Love it
I use this with the Shampoo of the same and its perfect. I notice way less damage to my hair and my colour stays vibrant longer. I like it a lot.
Not bad
I left the conditioner in my hair for about ten minutes. Left ultimate shine and made my hair smell amazing.
It smells amazing I love the smell and how clean my hair feels after using the product on my dry hair. It feels silky soft. It works great with the shampoo. I would recommend this to all my friends.
Démêle très bien les cheveux. Il sent très bon et combiné avec le shampooing la couleur est bien préservée.
I love this conditioner it is so amazing also works great with the shampoo. Hold colour in hair well
Like any other color care conditioner
Well, I will be honest. Nothing to brag about this one here. Was good but i wouldn't go for it again. Would rather choose and try any other conditioner. I don't see any extra ordinary results
Nice conditioner
I have got colour highlights in my hair and prefer to use this conditioner with the shampoo. It keeps my hair soft and helps in keeping the colour strong and not fading away fast.
Great product Great price
Tried this product right after I purchased my first hair color. I was impressed by how manageable my hair was and how great it looked.
this product dried out my hair and it actually felt like stray
Keep my colour!
I’ve used this product many times. I like the brand in general but L’Oreal seems to keep the colour in longer. It smells nice, leaves hair feeling soft.
Hair care
Just as well I love this as much as the shampoo...keep this stocked up
best ever
this is the very best conditioner I have ever used,my hair is so manageable with this product
L'Oreal conditioner
Like I mentioned above,it's a good quality product, it's very effective, affordable,softens my hair and also help in hair repair especially hair breakage,I use to have hair breakage but this product really helped me with repairs,I Will buy this product again and again, and also recommend to friends.
Great product as a follow-up to the L'Oreal Color Radiance Shampoo
colour conditioner
great scent and leaves my hair so soft. Great product and good price for this.

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