L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Extraordinary Oil Conditioner

4.4 5 0 18 18 EXTRAORDINARY OIL conditioner contains 6 precious oils to transform and nourish dry hair.
L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Extraordinary Oil Conditioner


Shampoo conditioner
I love the smell and the feeling this leaves in your hair. I also love the smell
Smells great
This is one of my everyday conditioners. Helps manage over processed blond hair, and the smell reminds me of a Caribbean beach. I definitely recommend this, along with the matching shampoo.
Leaves hair a bit dry
I had this entire line. Thought it would be better than the rest of the loreal ones for taming frizzy hair. It does feel like oils are added in but the moisture is diminished due to the oil based ingredients. It washes out easily so doesn't leave much moisture.
Great silky results
I love this conditioner. It’s one of the best. It has a wonderful light perfume smell. It leaves my hair looking silky and beautiful with a great shiny result. Works best when pair the shampoo.
Perfect conditioner
one of the best best best conditioners ever, great price great smells ,after using you will feel your hair is clean and very soft i love love this product and highly recommend
Moisture Locking Conditioner!
L’Oréal haircare is awesome! This conditioner leaves my hair feeling silky smooth. I dye my hair blonde and this conditioner brings it back to life! I recommend trying this for dry, damaged hair! It is a life saver!
Very hydrating!
This conditioner has really helped my hair fight the dry winter. It gives my hair a much needed boost of hydration. It is on the pricer side for a conditioner. I also liked how shiny it made my hair look.
Spouse friendly!
Bought this for myself, discovered my husband likes to use it. His new fav!!
L’Oreal at its best.
This is my favourite L’Oreal conditioner. It not only leaves my hair soft, I think it’s the best product they have as far as what it smells like and how it leaves your hair smelling beautiful. I will definitely purchase this product over and over.
J'adore! Mon préféré et en plus sent très bon. Les cheveux restent soyeux et doux au toucher pour longtemps.
Soft and smooth hair
The oils in this conditioner are the key to making it stand out above the rest, I really feel that they make my hair feel softer and more nourished. I often have to use a smoothing oil after the shower on my hair, but not when I'm using this product. It does have a stronger scent, so I can't use it everyday. But I am glad that I purchased it!
this left my hair very oily and i used the regular amount would not use it again
Great product for tangled hair, smells great and isnt oily because it worked great for me. I liked the smell. I dont think it needs any improvements. Id recommend it to someone with thick hair
Perfect Conditioner for the for the severely tangled
Not only does this Miraculous conditioner smell like Heaven it works with even the most hard to manage, unruly deranged head of curls. I kid you not I go to bed with these big beautiful, springy curls and I wake up with dreadlocks (myhair is all matted together...I know ewwww) So when I recommend a conditioner...you should listen to me. This amazing conditioner makes my hair so soft I can actually run a brush through those dreadlocks no problem...I know crazy eh!! Love this Product...Recommend it to all my friends actually I recommend it to everyone with hair. Your welcome Jennifer P
Silky smooth hair!
The Extraordinary Oil line is one of my favourites from L'Oreal Hair. This conditioner has improved my hair in so many ways! My hair feels silkier and looks smoother, with less frizz. I can clearly see how much healthier my hair is - it is so shiny!!!

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